Tuesday, December 05, 2006

You haven’t heard of the Millionaire Fair, trade show for the rich? I hadn’t either till a client for whom that demographic is a key market mentioned it and that they were interested in presenting at the Fair. When I told Jacques about it he snorted “arrivistes”, to that I retorted, “snob.” “Came with my inheritance,” was his reply.

Anyway the MF is a product show that gives the mostly nouveau riche an opportunity to see many things that they can spend money on in one place. From classy to crass with products ranging from bespoke shoes to real estate in exotic locations you can find it there. The first show we participated in was Moscow in October this weekend will be the next in Amsterdam this weekend. It will be Mimi’s turn to handle the project and we have a running joke that she should be on the lookout for an eligible bank account.



Blogger Pete from Cal said...

My invite to the Millionaire Fair must got lost in the mail. :D Or maybe because I'm not a millionaire. :P

Gosh, I learned so much reading this blog. Thanks Kim! BTW, I guess Jacques doesn't think much of the MF because he has been one for so long huh? :)

8:43 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Jacques is not ostentatious, excepting the Ferrari of course, but he is hardley cheap. He thinks nothing of spending thousands of Euros on custom clothing and shoes. He wears nice watches, but he eshews diamonds.

He simply tends to class and quaility and of course nothing shows that like his selection of me to be his companion. :P


10:50 PM  
Anonymous Sasha Franco said...

I wonder if this event has something to do with this company:

I found it while doing a track to my referral links (strange). Anyhow, their prime marketing research subjects will be attending to the event.

6:44 AM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Of course, of course. Jacques will spend when he see values, class, and quality. Nothing attest to that fact more than his selection of your companionship. You're preaching to the choir, young lady! :D

8:04 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Sasha, I'm familiar with Ledbury and I don't believe they're involved in the MF except as observers. To play with an analogy. The MF is like streetwalking and Ledbury is more sitting at the Ritz bar and flirting.


3:15 PM  

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