Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A bit of adjustment disorder, adjustment to Kim & Co having real offices. We’re all giddy, still; being in one place, and having a place to have a meeting that doesn’t include others arguing politics over croissants and lattes’.

The space is in an office building and not a loft, but the interior designers attempted to make the space ‘lofty’ by removing the ceiling tiles and exposing the duct work. The private offices and conference rooms are arranged on the inner walls and are glazed, so everyone has light and can look out a window. The walls of my office and the conference room, fold back so the space can be closed or open depending on my need. I’m going to love this, since one of my fears that for confidentiality reasons I would have an office, but then would not be part of the group. Now I have it both ways.

The others are in ‘pods’, which as I understand it are supposed to provide the space efficiency of cubes, but not cut workers off from each other and thereby encourage cooperation and team work. What it looks like is a pen with low walls, where you sit on the perimeter with your back to the center, with a table in the middle. I suspect architectural gibberish.

Oh one more thing, I was so excited about seeing our name on the building directory and on door I took pictures of it and bored all my friends with copies.



Anonymous VJ said...

Very good news indeed Kim, congrats on the move. We're facing some of the same issues down here in Atlanta. Everything moves every so slowly, and it's all too expensive. Everyone gets a piece of you for the build outs. But it sounds as if things are moving on up for you & Kim & Co., this is indeed a very proud moment. Keep up the good works! Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

8:16 AM  

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