23 January 2007

The challenges of being small.

The after lunch conversation had turned to important things, furs, who had one, who wanted one and what was your plan to get one. There were four of us and we were split; one possessed a mink, compliments of a lover, one is envious and two of us weren’t interested.

As the discussion began, I slipped into to a small reverie prompted by a chocolate raspberry torte. My period is due and I’d fight the pigeons for a bread crust about now, so when I spied the desert on the waiter’s tray I wanted a piece.

“Kim, how about you?”

“Have some of this, its orgasmic.” Two forks and a spoon swooped down on the plate relieving me of my duty to finish every last crumb.

“Me, what?” I asked still savoring the taste.

“Do you have or want a fur?”

No, I told them, a fur didn’t interest me and that I’d feel guilty if I acquired one. Then I confessed that last I picked up a mink stole at an estate sale last summer. But I rationalized it by saying it was an antique.

While I think they are beautiful and the thought is tempting, I do find the idea of having a fur off-putting. Growing up in a small town, I knew people who trapped and I’ve seen animals caught in traps and its not a pretty sight.

A couple of years ago I was with Jacques
in NY, he got the notion to buy me a fur coat. We went into a fur salon and I tried on several. Jacques was beaming the sales person was calculating her commission. I almost relented but didn’t and I told him that if he wanted to buy me something I’d rather have a necklace and so he did.


Blue Being asked: “You stated you were bi....will this cramp your relationship w/Raymond?”

More like Raymond will cramp my gallivanting with the sisters of Saphos. I’ve decided to try something new for me, fidelity. A common thread in the relationships I’ve had is that I insisted on being the free spirit. None of those relationships lasted, so its time to try something else. I stopped cruising the dance clubs and even put Denise (my fuck buddy) on the shelf. I’m going to try and be a one person woman and I’m scared.



Anonymous VJ said...

Thanks for the giggle with the vid clip Kim. Lots more gradual changes I see! Fidelity, no matter how described or approached is a challenge for almost everyone. Those that do not find this to be true are dead or dying. Still anything truly worthwhile is worth some considerable sacrifice, but this is also why masturbation was invented too. (OK, just one of the reasons).

Sorry about your FB, we never really got properly introduced!

And this is getting more rarer all the time: "Growing up in a small town, I knew people who trapped and I’ve seen animals caught in traps and its not a pretty sight." Of course most of the minks now are 'farmed', as are most of the rabbits etc. But still, it's the principle of the thing. Yes, fur is generally warmer. No, most people really don't need that kind of warmth on an ongoing basis. Good to hear of all the recent developments. Thanks for the updates. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

1:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very funny YouTube clip! :)

Will you stop seeing Jacques both professionally and socailly as well? I'll miss him. Any new relationship is scary not to mention one that'd involve changes on your part. I'm sure you will make it work with Raymond; you'll be fine. Take care! :)

1:30 AM  

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