Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Raymond was waiting for me outside security; I carried my bag on board so we proceeded to his car. We were quiet on the drive as we both were nervous, as it was the trip to tell his parents. I reached over and took his hand when we passed the city limits of our hometown. Everything so familiar it was as if I’d never moved away.

When we turned into their drive I noticed the curtain pull back and a moment later the door opened, the shapes of both his parents silhouetted by the light. Last night I spent at Grace’s. I didn’t want to fly fourteen hours and then drive the two hours to their home; I would have been a basket case. All week I fretted about what to wear and in the end defaulted to my baseline; a mostly gray tweed skirt, tights, with flats, topped with a teal sweater set. And of course a strand of Grammy’s pearls; my security blanket.

As we expected, his mother had placed out food for which we were glad to partake in. When we discussed the details of the timing of the conversation, we weighed the pros and cons, then settled for after dinner on Saturday. But Friday night, sitting around the kitchen table eating a sandwich with cookies and milk for desert, the time was right.

They had been forewarned of course and they put on a brave face saying how happy they were for us, but when R’s mom looked at him the tears welled up in her eyes, as they were in his. The dam had begun leaking on my own waterworks before they had started and now that dam burst. R’s dad, probably in equal parts wanting to be useful and wanting to simply move, went and got a box of tissues. Their objections were funny, terrorism and the bird flu when they read of it in the Sunday paper. It was sweet.

Sunday, after church, R’s mom took me aside to tell me how happy she was that R and I had found each other and that she believed that I would be a good match for Raymond. I knew then, if I ever have had any doubts, that we had their blessing. One thing that they both said that has me a bit concerned was that they looked forward to us living back in the States in the near future. I thought it best to worry about this later.

Saturday, R and I walked around the neighborhood and past my old house. It had been painted and pavers have replaced the cement driveway and walk. It looked pretty good. There was a woman getting something out of a mini van, who I assumed was now the owner, so I introduced myself. She was pleased to meet us and as we chatted her husband came out, followed by their kids.

They purchased the house three years ago from mom’s buyers and had just finished updating it. They invited us in, which I hoped that they would do. It was so funny, the spaces were so familiar but different. A wall was moved and another gone and the dark brick that dad had installed around the fireplace was replaced by fieldstone. I really like what they’ve done. The girls wanted to show me their bedrooms, the four year old now has my old room, and so it still looks like a little girls room. The window seat that dad made me is still there and she loves it as much as I did. I asked her if she knew where the secret door was in the closet (the crawlspace access), her eyes got big as she shook her head and then she said, “Show me,” excitedly. I did.



Blogger RP said...

Hey, I'm a long time reader but first time commenter. Love your blog, by the way.

I have to ask; who was more excited? The little girl being shown the secret door or you showing it to her? I bet it was a close one.

6:38 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Fantastic developments here Kim. We wish you all the best in your new life together. And moving back 'soon' can man anything from 5-10 years for most ex-pats. I don't know what my folks would have done with such a classy GF to present herself to them. Grammy's pearls do the trick indeed. Do keep us updated! Cheers & wishing you all the best of luck, 'VJ'

1:36 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

RP, oh yes I enjoyed telling and showing her. The look on her face was priceless


4:48 PM  

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