Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Each season, between the fashion weeks of New York and Paris, I’ve reviewed looks that appealed to me. Sorry, not this year. Partly I’ve been too busy and partly because like Fall 2006, the Spring 2007 fashions have not been of interest. Fortunately from what I’ve seen from the Fall 2007 collections, there will be reason to be excited.

Whether twenty-five, fifty-five or seventy-five, I’m a woman who will always be considered cute. And that is a curse more than a blessing. Since I’ve gone into business selecting my clothing has been done with a purpose, to belie my age and lend gravitas to my appearance. So I put up with the teasing my friends give me about my dark suits with skirts a very Coco like length of one inch above or below my knee or my dresses of a similar vein. So when fashion ventures off to baby dolls with extravagant ribbons and bows, I’ll wait for the rebound.

I did find these video clips, which are kind of fun since the clothes hangers are ambulatory. Enjoy the horse walk.

Milan Spring 2007

Paris Spring 2007

Chanel Spring 2007

The best commentary on the Chanel presentation is that the only item shown that the interviewed observers mentioned were the sequined hot pants.

Here's a closer look

I'll admit that as club wear these could be fun so if H&M knocks them off for about 60€ I may buy a pair. I haven't checked, but I bet Chanel is asking a cool grand.



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