Monday, March 19, 2007

If my building were in Phoenix or Los Angeles it would be considered old, but in Paris it might be described as newish. It’s all context, the property is old enough to have undergone a complete polishing up over the last couple of years conducted by the current owners.

When you face the building, my apartment is on the left in the back on the top floor. You enter at a corner of the living room/dining room space. To the left is a hall leading past a galley kitchen the toilet/bath and my bedroom. The space has nice windows and since this floor is above the surrounding buildings I have windows on two walls in the living room including a large picture window and my bedroom window does not look out to a wall.

When I moved in I brought the furniture that Elyse and I collected, flea market and dumpster finds mostly. She bequeathed her share when she married, I guess as thanks for introducing her to her hubby. It was my plan to replace things over time and pretty much I have done that, except of course the green couch. I nearly replaced the couch in the winter, but with the changing of my situation and the expense of a second apartment I chose to wait.

Most of the furniture I’ve acquired is French Modern; most of it is used, except the upholstered chairs. My desk is in front of the large window with the cabinet hiding the electronics in the corner. The green couch is by the long wall with a pair of Facett armchairs opposite. Between them is a multi height table that moves between coffee and dining table height. Under the pass through to the kitchen I have a small, square breakfast table that I use when I’m alone, its size dictated by the need to squeeze in the desk. With that table and the coffee table I’m able to seat eight for dinner. Additional folding chairs are stored in a hanging cabinet I had made over a closet door.

To the right of the entry door I have a small console table with a mirror above. It gives me a place to drop my mail and purse when I come in plus a girl never has too many mirrors. The kitchen is small but all the appliances and the cabinets are new and I have plenty of space. If I had my druthers I would have only a half wall between the kitchen and living area opening the space and making it easier to be part of the group when I’m cooking for company, but I don’t know how long I’ll stay here

The bathroom is tiny, sitting on the toilet your knees are under the sink. The tub and shower combo is also small, no romantic soaks for two. The wall adjacent to the bedroom doorway is lined with wardrobes, not funky old ones with character but streamlined moderns ones that are very efficient in the use of space. But alas it is not enough and my storage locker is filled with garment bags and that are in-season overflow, the out of season clothes are off site. It is helping that I’ve taken some things to London and later this week I intend to sort out my formal and cocktail dresses as I no longer need as many and that will free up some space.

It’s been two weeks since I’ve been in my apartment and I didn’t realize how much I missed it. I need to be in Paris this week and in Amsterdam Thursday, R isn’t happy about it but he’s being a good sport. Friday he will come here for the weekend. We’ve been together now nearly 10 months and my friends have not met him and they are clamoring to do so. Expect Café Kim to open Sunday.

Though my apartment has many windows and lots of light. I don’t have much of a view, mostly the tile roofs of the surrounding buildings and an abandoned pigeon coop. If I lean out the window I can peer in to the alley below, a good spot if I stay here till I’m a crone. At night if it is clear the view improves as I can see the warning lights atop the buildings in La Défense to the west. Some nights I’ll put some music on, darken the room and lie on the couch or sit at the desk and watch the airplanes circling the city in preparation for landing their lights making a necklace in the sky.



Anonymous VJ said...

Sounds just lovely Kim. Let's hope R makes it though the 'audition' with flying colors at the Cafe Kim. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

1:23 AM  
Anonymous Frances said...

When you've settled, perhaps you can opt for 2-person corner tubs for your home to experience the joy of bathing with your partner.

4:48 AM  

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