Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Kim & Co. client suggested exhibiting at an adult entertainment expo. While they are not in the adult entertainment business they were looking for an inroad to the same demographic. Participation in the expos would be part of a larger marketing scheme that included advertising on websites and in magazines.

At the time this was a newish client and I planned to turn over the management of the account to Mimi. After meeting with the client, she and I met over coffee; she looked like she would be sick at any moment. I’ve learned that Mimi is modest and quite private and somehow an image had come into here head of her as a booth bunny trying to out sex the porn stars. She wanted to beg out of managing this project.

That was fine and I began to consider my options, we threw out the names of several subcontractors and began laughing as we thought of each one at the show, finally I decided to do it.

The show was over a weekend in Germany, I arrived at my hotel late and having eaten went to my room and did a little work before bedtime. Prior to breakfast Friday, I checked on our booth to ensure everything was set. We wouldn’t try out sexing the porn stars but came up with another hook that seemed to work.

It was an interesting weekend; I had several offers put me in films, not to mention personal websites. But my favorite interaction occurred on Saturday. It was near lunchtime so I headed for the concession just off the show floor, coincidently one of the women in the booth across from us had the same idea and we began talking along the way. Along the way two other women joined us. The three must have gotten their boobs done since they last met and it was all they could talk about not to mention show off. Before lunch ended I was given the names of three plastic surgeons that these girls insisted were the best. After all they said I just had to have mine done. Doubtful.

There’s another expo coming up and Raymond has been hinting about going.



Anonymous VJ said...

Oh boy I can see that coming. My gf/fiancé is doing promo work with porno stars! Hot times indeed. In any case, it's precisely because due to the tsunami of silicon parts that much of the audience has turned now to 'amateur' productions with more realistic players. The all too standard porn parts just have begun to turn a good segment of the market to look elsewhere for their kinks. It still may be an unavoidable accessory in the 'industry' still, but the days when a simple boob job could secure you a degree of fame are long past.

Glad to see you were a hit at the show Kim, and yes, here's another vote for keeping & working with what you've got. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

2:44 AM  

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