Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Leaving the Metro I heard my name called, I looked about to see who. At first I didn’t recognize her, as it has been nearly two years since we’ve met. It was Marta, Dmitri’s sister. We greeted each other and asked how things were going, she’s working for a French company and is living in Hanoi with frequent travels to Shanghai. I told her about Kim & Co. and she was excited and wanted to learn more. Finally I couldn’t wait any longer and I asked about Dmitri.

With a shrug she said, “Dmitri is fine. He’s, you know, Dmitri.” And I did. “He enjoys his job,” she continued, he misses not having a class of his own but is enjoying teaching science to the older students in addition his administrative responsibilities. The children have nicknamed him Grand Monsieur, which he’s pleased with.” That made me smile as that is the type of little appreciation he treasured from the children. “He misses Paris and finds the town where he lives boring.”

“I need to get to CDG, so I have to go.” She said, we exchanged cards and promised to keep in touch. We hugged before parting and she held me for a second and whispered, “He told me everything and I told him that he was a fool for letting that come between you.” Then she was gone.

It stunned me, not that he told her, Dmitri and Marta are best friends as well as siblings and it is likely that only to her has he told the full story. But that she urged him to continue to see me, and then the disappointment again that he didn't.



Anonymous VJ said...

Perhaps no good deed is forgiven, but also not forgotten too. Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

7:31 AM  

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