Tuesday, March 27, 2007

While home last week I took the time to go through some papers, personal business correspondence mostly that I knew wasn’t timely. Among the items were three thank you notes for contributions in the name of Lucien, a client who died last summer after a bout with cancer. Two were from the organizations that received the donations and the third from Lucien’s son, who returned to France to care for him.

The note, more of a letter really, wondered if I was the Kim with who accompanied his father to the opera and ballet and about whom he scribbled notes in the margins of his appointment book telling how nice an evening he had. The son also wrote that he obtained my (now old) address from his fathers rolodex and that has me wondering when and how Lucien obtained that, not to mention my real last name.

As I shredded the letter, I speculated on who and what the son imagined me to be. A divorcee most likely, in my forties to sixties, or does he have insight into his father’s taste for much younger women and his willingness to pay well for their company. I’m curious yes, but not so much that I have any interest in meeting the son for the purpose of finding out.


My sidebar is a mess and over the next few days I hope to clean it up, deleting the abandoned links and adding a few.



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