Thursday, April 26, 2007

Like many expats I receive requests from family and friends on behalf of themselves or their extended family and friends for recommendations for attractive, romantic and cheap hotels. While I’ve slept in many Paris hotels beds, none of the properties would hit that particular trifecta, so I usually respond with a shrug and mutter, I don’t know.

If the travelers’ plan on spending a week or more in Paris and lodging cost is a consideration, I often suggest that they rent a furnished apartment. In most Arrondissments, a studio can be had for under a thousand euros a week, often well under. Another advantage of an apartment for the budget minded is a kitchen, which can save on meals.

Occasionally, those to whom I’ve suggested an apartment are somewhat reticent, since they do not know the neighborhoods. A couple of suggestions, when you have the address of the properties find them on Google Earth and then overlay the Metro stops as well as other points of interest to you. In this way you can get some idea of where you are. Once you have an overview, put the address into this Orange application. This application provides photographs of the buildings and streets of Paris. Once you have your ‘home’ location you can navigate across the city viewing the buildings and streets. Even if you are not coming to Paris, this is a great time waster. I think Google Earth and the Photos de ville application would be a great mash-up. The Orange portal is French only, but it is very straightforward to use.

For those of you bound and determined to stay in a hotel the NYT’s had an article last Sunday, Paris Chic on the Cheap, that in Anne Maries opinion, gives a good overview of Paris lodging for the thrifty.

Speaking of the NYT, sometimes I think particular women should be kept at home and subject to arranged marriages.

“…the man at the lectern had just finished talking about his anthropological travels through almost 40 countries, across some 500,000 miles, where he recovered from food poisoning and chigger bites in Peru and swam through shark-infested waters off Easter Island.

Any questions?

“Do you want to have children?” asked a well-groomed youngish woman, who sat attentively with a few dozen of her peers and a smattering of schoolchildren and older people.”

Ahhhhhh… I realize that Josh Bernstein is well OK dreamy and he leads an interesting life that should provide a comfortable future. Did I mention he’s dreamy? But come on desperation, even joking desperation is never attractive.



Anonymous VJ said...

This is what I had to say about Mr. Bernstein on another blog (in part):

"Feh! He’s handsome, charming etc. He may even be smart too. But he’s got an undergrad education in Anthropology. He’s really not doing ‘exploring’ out there. It’s TV. It may even be decent TV too. Still, there’s bound to be many people in the room who’d know more about his subject matter than him. And that’s the real point here dear hearts. Nice guy, great bod, good face for pictures. This is lusting for a movie star. One more thing. The cognoscenti would know that Ms. Seydel is related to Ted Turner, and hence ‘loaded’. So to just to reinforce the NYT’s point again, he’s got oodles of ‘cougars’ lusting after and hunting him. Very rich cougars. We’re all supposed to be jealous I guess. I feel for him. This years flavor on TV. He’ll be doing soap operas in a few years. Commercials for ‘dangerous’ yet effective deodorants too. Count on it."

Yes, he's this month's fav flavor.

Cheers & Good Luck! ‘VJ’

3:28 AM  

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