Thursday, April 12, 2007

This week Paris is where I’m sleeping this week; Raymond will be here for the weekend. As I’ve come to expect around this time of year I begin receiving the; I’m coming to Paris this summer and would love to see you…messages from friends and acquaintances. Some are thinly veiled pleas for a place to stay; “Kim can you suggest an inexpensive place to stay?” Others ask if I’m familiar with this or that hotel. As unusual Rachel and Amy are planning a European trip and I’d be disappointed if they didn’t stay here. Elyse asked to spend a few days after visits her family.

By far the biggest surprise is Christine who will be here for six weeks before going to Milan for another six. She decided accept the opportunity to participate in a seminar series’ in both cities. She’ll stay here of course and with me gone much of the time, she’ll have the place to herself with my friends to look after her.

Before Christmas, C rummaged about her closet and dug out her platforms and g-strings and started stripping again. She needed the money; being a starving artist or a starving student is one thing but being both at the same time got to be too much. She’s not complaining but she does say that she enjoys it less now than before. Many of the same guys who went to the club before still do, which she finds weird. She figured they’d get a life. I told they have, which made her laugh.

The oddest we’re coming note is from Jen and Lisa, both ex’s of mine who met when visiting me in the hospital before I came to Paris. I’m surprised they’re still together and while it will be nice to see them, I don’t want them staying here. Too weird.



Anonymous BlueBeing said...

KIM, Perhaps you and Christine will get together for "old times sake". One never knows what the heart hungers for until...

8:31 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

BB: Christine and my lives crossed as I was going and she was coming. She told me to go to Paris when I said that I was staying, as it wouldn't have worked out then as I was ready to leave.

She was right and we told each other that if we have another chance we'd take it. Awfully romantic of us but it made the split easier.


9:52 PM  

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