Friday, May 04, 2007

Observing the presidential campaign in France has brought to the forefront that I’m making a large investment in a country that I have no say in how it is governed. I’m not ready to do anything about that, but I know someday I will need to make some decisions.

If I were a citizen of France, I’d be upset by my choices. Early on I was excited about Segolene but her campaign has disappointed me. And Sarkozy is a despicable cur, a Gaullist Bush. If I could vote I would have voted for Bayrou in the first round and for Sego on Sunday.


We wandered about the exhibit hall and I maneuvered R toward a fetish equipment booth. Prominently laid out was a complete set of tack, everything you would need to outfit your very own ponygirl, including the hooved shoes and a cart for her to pull. R picked up a bridle and then looked at me, “What would you use this for?” I took the bridle from his hands a held it up to my face taking the bit between my teeth. “I’ve seen pictures…do people really do that? He asked. He picked up the tail and looked at the tag, “It says it’s genuine hair from a horses tail,” he told me as he began examining the butt plug that the hair was attached to. He looked at the remainder of the tack and then wondered aloud, “How does this attach”? “Bend over,” I told him, “and I’ll show you.”


Our eyes met as we passed at the elevator, there was a flicker of recognition in hers and I wondered if she would place me.

At a party on Saturday night I was at the buffet table wondering how I could swallow everything in one gulp, when a woman asked, “Did you enjoy Nice?” She had recognized me and I realized that her pretending to speak only Russian that weekend was a rouse her English was very serviceable. We talked for a bit over hor’dourves and then her partner joined us. I recognized him from her website as he’s in many of the videos and pictures. She glanced at my nametag as she introduced me, saying that we’d met at another expo. Thank you for the discretion I thought.



Blogger Mandy said...

Always a little interesting when meeting people you know from a different contex...

5:22 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Ah, it sounds as if R is a proverbial babe in the woods. Sheltered lives, such luxuries unknown to many. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

8:11 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

VJ, R's experiences are pretty vanilla and his interests are conventional. But he has a manner of innoscence about him that belies his sophistication and does leave him open for teasing.

Mandy. The usual fear is meeting someone from your normal life in your hidden one, but the opposite is also unnerving.


8:48 PM  

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