Friday, May 18, 2007

Paris on a late summers evening. Denise and Kim, naughty schoolgirls are up to mischief. Short pleated skirts over ruffled panties or a thong, knee-highs or over knee stockings, Mary Janes and saddle shoes. One in braids the other in pigtails, white cotton blouses over lacy bras with one too many buttons undone, tied exposing their midriffs.

I introduced Denise and her husband but seldom mentioned them. Other things seemed more important to write about. Some readers suspected they are swingers and while that’s true it is only part of the story. For they live in a power exchange relationship with Denise as the dominant. D, along with being bi-sexual, is a natural switch, so in our relationship I served as the top. Of course D, to torment her husband used our relationship.

In Paris recently, Raymond and I met them for drinks and it was no surprise when Denise called me to ask my permission to seduce R. I logged on to their webcam and my suspicion that this was more hubby torment was confirmed. Hubby was tied to a chair, a ball gag in his mouth and a minor erection that was being kept up by D’s words and an occasional flick of a riding crop.

I looked over my computer screen to R lying on the couch, the landladies’ cat asleep on his chest (we’re cat sitting) and wondered if D was talking about the same R. He didn’t seem the studly man that D was describing.



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