Thursday, June 28, 2007


Juliette for her part banned any discussion of Porsche in her presence, which gave the family more to chuckle about at Dad’s expense. But she was also the person who could do something about it.

By her telling, she found Dad in the study one summer’s evening browsing the Porsche website. On a lark, but with a plan she sat down with him and they built his perfect Porsche, some how she received the opportunity to save or print the configuration or at least remembered the significant details. With this in hand she contacted a Porsche dealer and indeed the car could be ready for his birthday. Then she recruited me.

A couple of weeks before his birthday, she invited me to lunch and gave me the low down on her plan and asked me to facilitate a surprise. We kicked around a couple of ideas and settled on one that seemed simple and pretty foolproof if we could enlist the help of a couple of others.

On a sunny, but brisk autumn afternoon I went to their house for birthday cake and coffee. When we finished I asked Dad to take a walk with me as I had something to discuss with him. Then with Abelard and Heloise escorting us we took a stroll about the park. While we talked he glanced at something and when I followed his eyes I spotted what turned out to be his car going by, though it was too far to see the driver. We walked till the pugs were tired out and headed back toward the house. As we came past the wall and bushes it came into view, decked out with a bow and ribbon and a large happy birthday sign lying on the windshield.

Dad stood there his mouth agape and Juliette walked out and stood beside the car. He began stammering something and I reached into my jacket pocket for the keys and slipped them into his hand and told him to be quiet and take Juliette for a ride.



Anonymous VJ said...

Just lovely Kim, and a very loving but expensive gift from Juliette. I of course would have leased it, just to make certain that the necessities were being taken care of by the shop. That's at least a week a month for the average owner. If they're lucky. But I do hope he enjoyed (enjoys?) it. Have fun on your travels. I hope you get some together time over there too, right? Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

2:18 AM  

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