Thursday, June 21, 2007

Temptation wore a Brioni suit with a Breitling watch for which he actually has a use, as he flies his own plane. Not to mention I saw him drive up in a Bentley, all accoutrements that a gold digging slut uses to measure a man. But those were not what made him attractive, what made him sexy, it was the way other men deferred to him, how they sought his favor.

I’ve met men like him before; they’ve purchased my time and my body, but this was different.
I hoped he wouldn’t notice me, but he did, I tried to keep everything on a professional level but couldn’t and fell in to the teasing behaviors that a woman uses to signal a man of her interest.

Unlike men who are too clueless to notice, or lack the confidence to act, he noticed and acted.
Precisely at nine the next morning my phone rang; could I join him for lunch at the Mayfair? No you can’t I thought, “Yes,” I told him. What about Raymond, I thought? He’s playing football after work and they’ll go to a pub after and he’ll be home late. It was wonderful until it was no longer and then the guilt set in, but sadly not so much guilt that I wouldn't see him again.



Anonymous VJ said...

Oh Nooooo Kim! Yeah the temptation. The plodding farm lad vs the fast city slicker. A recurring theme almost everywhere. In all literature. Balzac did it. So did Collette. Classical lit had it too.

The danger is not that you've yielded to temptation, but that you might hope that there's more to it than just that. And there's probably little chance of that, right? So what the point? I say you might satisfy your curiosity if necessary, and find out a bit more (married? GF's? Mistresses?), but this is a play for which the fortunes have already been foretold. They really do not often make good husbands. They are looking for other things, more excitement, less ties, more variety. So really, it might pay off in some needed Biz connections but other than that, why bother?

I know there's the temptation & the lure of the new & exciting. But as they say on all the old maps, 'There be monsters here'. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

10:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, any person who wants to see some form of happy ending in life hopes this entry is fiction designed to keep your readers interested.

If it's real, you have not resolved your problems and you should step away from your boyfriend before you hurt him badly.

12:57 AM  

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