Monday, July 16, 2007

It's over. I need some time, check back in a couple of weeks.



Blogger Gillette said...

Oh no...why did I sense this coming? Hugs your way.

8:54 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Oh no, hope everything is all right! :( I don't know what is over! Blog is over? Relationship with R? Something else? Our thoughts are with you Kim! Take care.

2:17 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

I'm so very sorry Kim, I was fearing this too. Wishing you Brighter moments as Always, Good Luck, 'VJ'

4:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hate to say it, but kinda saw it coming, the post about the lonely walk in the mist filled night and all. I was hoping it wasn't so.

It happens to us all, more than once, but you don't get any better at it, do you?

Eat some chocolate, soak in a tub, then engage in everything you couldn't, until they all sour on you, and then you'll feel better.


Life is nasty, isn't it? About the only thing you can do is try really hard to find some way to laugh.

Sorry to be anon, but I have to.


3:18 AM  
Anonymous Thais said...

Our thoughts are with you.
I didn't sense it coming. I was hoping so much that somebody out there would be happy with a man they've chosen and withstand the difficulties...

Know that you are not alone, in all meanings of that expression!

12:19 AM  
Blogger Cath said...

Dear Kim, Sorry to read your sadness. This too shall pass. You have many of us, all over the world, wishing you happy thoughts.

3:24 AM  
Blogger niadarkandlovely said...

Thinking of you Kim.

*sending you a big hug*

12:02 AM  

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