Monday, July 02, 2007

Upon our arrival what everyone wanted to talk about was the excitement in London and Glasgow over the weekend.

As a family we’ve decided to have the family get together in the Washington area as long as Grampy is alive. He’s still health enough to join us, if he doesn’t need to travel far and when he can’t we can go see him as a group. The pleasure he receives by being around his grand children and great grand children is evident in his face.

I invited R’s parents to join us and they did. I was happy to seen them, though they obsessed about the London to do a little more than we would have liked. From their perspective the must feel that R and I are awfully blasé.

Amazingly my phone’s not ringing and the infernal blackberry is silent, no crisis’s, real or imagined. So for a day I’m just Aunty Kim and I can entertain the children.



Anonymous VJ said...

Sounds like fun Kim. Visiting with Gramps is always important too. I wish I could get the vid, but I've been reduced to miserable dial up presently. How did we manage w/o it? But it looks like fun too. And after all, no one was hurt in the bombings, except for the perps, right? No harm in that. All during the 80's & into the 90's London was regularly bombed by the IRA too. Everyone got used to a certain degree of 'uncertainty'.

Me, I was saddened to hear that one of my old Punch favs died recently, the great cartoonist J.B. Handelsman. Without The Independent I'd not have known about it: []

Cheers & Enjoy the rest of the trip! 'VJ'

9:22 AM  
Blogger christopher said...

hehe that video is hilarious!

-=- christopher

my Las Vegas blog

10:28 AM  

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