Friday, August 24, 2007

I saw this at Wanda's.

And a reader sent this.

We poured over the calendar, several pages printed out on white paper. Anne Marie wanted to coordinate our schedules, only the weekends were important. Our Blackberries were on the table, what weekends did I know or anticipate that I would need to work; she wrote them down and planned to work those weekends also. We brained stormed on social engagements that would keep us in Paris and noted those.

We were in a noisy touristy restaurant, our normal haunts closed for holiday, in the morning we’d head back to the beach for the rest of the month.

The remaining weekends we noted as surfing or skiing. “This surfing thing could get expensive since we’ll need to stay at hotels.” I said to her. “Maybe you should have bought Buster yourself and we could have camped,” she replied. “I’d be too broke to camp, Carole told me how much Tomas has spent on Buster. It’s like he’s keeping a boyfriend. “We’ll figure that out, maybe you’ll need to lower your lodging standards,” she went on, “we could stay in a hostel. I wrinkled my nose and shuddered at the thought of sleeping in room with a half dozen others, probably drunk and snoring.



Anonymous VJ said...

Thanks Kim, The vids were a trip. I was familiar with most of the paintings from the 2nd one, and the only bothersome thing about them is that they were not linear. Because of continuity issues (hairstyles I think for the photo's) there was a mix & match between several eras. This got really confusing in the painting series, at about 1 min in the count down we'd already worked up to at least 1920-30's or so, and then we were plunged backward into the 19th century. And of course other than Halle Berry in the end, both series had very few ethnic minorities in them. (Not a whole big issue way back when, you painted what you knew & saw, and the movie studio system was what it was).

But female beauty to me is a bit larger than the palate presented. But they did manage to get in some of my favorites naturally. And you're reminded once again that for some gals, the cameras really did love them. And of course the music was a classical Bach bit, naturally.

But yeah, Buster. We knew him way back when. And you were warned off too! Cheers & Enjoy the rest of the summer! 'VJ'

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