Thursday, August 02, 2007

Nia tagged me a couple of weeks ago with the Rockin Girl Blogger award. My responsibility is to award seven (I think) more woman bloggers who I view as deserving and who haven’t been named by others (I think), so I may leave out some deserving writers (Gillette), since I know that you’ve been awarded. So here are my picks in no particular order.

Dirty Talking Girl at Pussy Talk. DTG is not as prolific as in the past, but she regularly has posted some of the sexiest erotica that I’ve read. Besides she’s a sweetheart.

Heroine Girl and Tui are traveling the path to recovery, though at different points. HG began blogging about the same time as me, and I’ve followed her writings across the various forms of her blog. Mostly her blog is the story of recovery, relapse and struggles with health issues due to addiction, layered over with struggles with bi-polar disorder and trying to understand a damaging childhood. But what shines through her writing, for all is her spirit and honesty. HG hasn’t posted recently, seemingly taking an extended break rather than having quit. Hopefully she’ll be back soon, but if she chooses not to she deserves a Rockin Girl award because of the years of honest writing she’s contributed.

I’ve mentioned the wonderful writing of Tui before, its elegance and sparseness is poetic.

Chelsea Girl
at Pretty Dumb Things. Another long time blogger who is an observant critic of what goes on in sexual society. She also tells a good story.

There was a time I didn’t care much for escort blogs that were extensions of the companion’s professional website. There were a couple of exceptions but by and large most were bad travel and restaurant reviews with the vague undercurrent that paradise would be even more wonderful if you pay me $10,000 a day to accompany you. Then I came across Camille and I needed to reevaluate my bias to account for a topical and observant writer who has an opinion and is willing to express it. Then low and behold, I found others.

Isabella is a blogger who has changed, Sarong Party Girl>Miss Izzy>, as she has grown and matured.

Do blonks count as blogs? I’ll say yes and confer a Rockin Girl on annie rhiannon. I hope she’s not embarrassed.

I’ll stop, there are others who deserve the mention, and hopefully someone will tag them.


Last summer my friends began talking about renting a (near the) beach house for August, initially I would join them, but Raymond and London changed my plans. With the collapse of that, they offered to have me along, even though a friend of Nathalie had taken my spot. Chloe says they need a cook.

The sun is getting lower in the sky and we are about to head toward the waterfront, drinks in hand, to watch the sun get extinguished in the ocean again.



Anonymous VJ said...

Sounds lovely Kim, and I'd forgotten about your cooking too. As I said, 'the horror...the horror'... Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

9:31 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Good to have friends; especially when you need them and they're there for you. They know what can cure you. Take the time you need to grief then pick yourself up and get back into the game when you find the right one because you know many lads are glad to know you're in the market again. :)

12:34 AM  

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