Friday, August 10, 2007

Remember Anna Nichole didn’t have a happy ending.

Sometimes you just need the right outfit.

AM says this is something I’d do, including the ass scratching, Chloe added. No woman is a princess to her friends.


It was sometime during the fifth or was it the sixth bottle of wine that the idea was brought up and like most things that seem like good ideas when you’re over the edge, buying the house seemed like a no brainer. Oh, not that the five us had consumed all that wine; we were victims of beach house syndrome. You know, all the people who never have time to see you in the city suddenly are free when you’re at the beach.

Susanne told of seeing a for sale notice for this house when she picked up the keys at the agents. Someone suggested we buy it, someone else, a banker I think, said he’d arrange a mortgage. Like a lot of bad ideas I hoped this one would disappear on sober reflection, but Monday as I left for Paris, Nathalie and Susanne announced they were going to talk with the agent.

The good news is that there is an agreement pending on the house; the bad news is N&S have arranged for the agent to show us other properties. I backed out as Chloe previously did. AM needed to work this week but I’m pretty sure she’s not interested, I think we drove a stake into this idea.

Not that the idea of owning a beach house doesn’t appeal to me, it does, just like that little bungalow in the Caribbean did and Amy’s place in Miami does, but buying a place with several (or one) friends to me is a recipe for a ruined friendship.

Currently, I’m drawing from Kim & Co, enough to live comfortably and to buy a few things. Big items like the couch and the remodeling come from savings. I like the idea of having investments that are reasonably liquid and real estate isn’t. I do have some interest in buying real estate as an investment, but not for personal use. Even for my primary residence. Not yet.

Nice small waves, good for a beginning surfer. Lots of guys have offered to help me learn...



Blogger ignipott said...

...ignipott was here...

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Thais said...

I'd say real estate investments very much depend on where and what you are buying.

I know I cannot go wrong with real estate in Calgary as probably the fastest growing city in North America. And I believe that growth is fuelled by fairly objective reasons. So I do have a fairly disbalanced portfolio at the moment...

A beach house? I have no idea. Could be good idea as investment, could be bad. I certainly see people pulling hairs and wailing "why, or why did I now buy that little summer cottage" close to the Banff National Park 10 years ago??

9:25 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Yep, count me as thinking you dodged a bullet here Kim. I'm not too worried about Thais' 'disbalanced portfolio' either. If you had a balanced portfolio, it still would be crashing at the moment. Invest in your education and in your self first. That's usually the best sort of investment in the long run. But property is a decent long term investment in Canada. Houses & housing mind you will be declining now for years to come perhaps from the lingering effects of the bubble deflating. Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

8:02 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

I did like the vids BTW. Me, I think Anna Niclole would have loved all the attention she got for months afterwards. Really. Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

2:28 AM  

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