Friday, August 17, 2007

Visited Mandy’s the other day and discovered that Mercurial Girl is dormant, hmmm. I wish someone would tell me of these things.

I do think that Victoria should have stayed for her complete massage and I’ll admit that I may have made the same mistake.

I’d like this problem.


“You’ve been so relaxed this week, is there something wrong?” Nathalie asked. “You mean I’m not going in fifty different directions? I responded with a question. “Yes,” was her reply.

It’s true, I have been unusually relaxed this week. I’m on vacation, a real vacation in the company of people that I’m totally at ease with. I’m not worried about work, Mimi is taking care of things this week, and my email and voice mail greetings say I’m out on vacation and not checking messages. I do of course, but I’ve resisted replying and have sent the messages to Mimi.

I’m still up early, but rather than run I take my surfboard and go to the beach. After lunch I take a nap in the hammock and then I read, reading having been such a luxury in the last couple of years. I've had time to cook and bake, to the point my friends are accusing me of trying to get them fat. "You're turning me into a fat American," Chloe complains as she has another torte.

Carole and Tomas should be here soon, I can't wait to see the kids and how much they've grown.



Anonymous Escort Forum said...

I'm envious really. I often wonder what I'll do when I get there. I used to imagine myself layzing on the beach, I don't care for sand. I like to walk in it, not lay in it, and frankly I don't seem to care to sit still anymore.

I don't understand relaxation anymore, it seems to be gone from my skill set. That's sad isn't it. On a day when work, family, children, and responsibilities are not a concern, I've no idea what I would do.

I am sincerely glad to hear you are enjoying a vacation!

1:48 PM  
Blogger Mandy said...

Hey, I moved you back into my link list - put you in dormant when you posted that you were taking time off, and then I've been behind myself lately! Glad to see you are writing again and exploring your new life...

5:48 PM  

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