Thursday, September 06, 2007

As I reviewed the carnage in my brokerage account, I wondered if perhaps Mr. Hedge Funds party was a last dance of sorts, Nero fiddling, Caligula and the like.

All and all, my losses haven’t been that bad, much less than the loss of the major indices as a whole. Early in the summer my brother-in-law and another warned about the mortgage crisis so I sold the stocks and funds that I though would be effected, but I didn’t anticipate how the credit crunch would effect other companies and I really got hurt there. This year the increase in value of my portfolio has been exclusively from growth as I’ve not had new money to invest and if I look at the portfolios value on January 1, and look at it today, I’m OK, just down from July 1.

Zazie: Des Rails

Christine and I were wandering through a street market at the beach when we noticed a couple of guys scooping us out and then trying to get our attention. They were cute and we did have an appropriately girlish response because we encouraged them. One began miming while the other juggled some oranges, showoffs. I’ll admit I was ready to speak with them when Chris leaned into me, her lips forming that position and we kissed. I glance back a few seconds later and they were walking away.

Oh, it does happen in reverse.

Zazie: Un Point C'Est Toi

I’ve been meaning to post a Zazie video, as I really like her music, her frantic energy and appreciate how she promotes her self. At her website are a series of teaser vids that she dribbled out prior to the release of the current CD ‘Totem’, they’re fun.



Anonymous jo said...

I've been meaning to comment that you have been playing some very interesting music lately. I've never cared if I could understand the language or not when it comes to music, but I admit it's a bit more fun to watch the video and get the gist as well.

11:48 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

That last vid clip went in & out of service quickly, so I'll have to see these soon. On the market, like the last debacle inertia & sheer laziness has saves me once again. We were in hard cash, and so lost hardly anything. We'll be parking the lot in CD's until it all cools off. But I'd seen the storm from way off. Years ago I saw what they were doing with all the big banks and remarked that they were all bonkers. Really, really nut-so, esp. if they did not know what was in all those portfolio's. Just amazing. All these smart people being so, so dumb!

Glad the vacation did you some good. Me, I would not have been so easily put off by C's kiss! Geez, this is not Paris, right? Provincials, it's ever thus! Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ' (BTW: I think you'll either be renewed for that contract or have another to replace it soon).

4:55 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

OK I finally saw the 2nd Zazie vid. All I've got to say is then as now, it was no barrier to marriage. Or affairs with both. We've got the literature to prove it too! Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

5:03 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Hi Jo, I'm glad you like the music. Mostly, the selections have been on a whim, but I've tried to focus on artists who are probably unfamiliar outside France and from a variety of genres. But I've not been systematic about it.


12:28 PM  

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