Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mademoiselle K - Jalouse

Friday morning Anne Marie and I were up early and headed toward the beach. After a couple of hours we returned to the house, which had become a hive of activity with everyone gathering their things and packing. Christine went out for fruit and pastries, or bakery as she calls them, much to the amusement of the faux sophisticates around her.

Amazingly everything fit in the cars and left room for passengers. I solved the surfboard transport problem by trading cars with Juliette, taking her MPV (minivan) while leaving her Waldo. She fell in love with the FourTwo and didn’t want to return the dear. The added space was needed otherwise a couple of us would have needed to schlep a lot of luggage on the train.

After everything was packed and the house cleaned, AM and I headed back to the beach while the others caravanned back to Paris. We surfed for a couple of more hours and then started back ourselves. Before leaving we sat on a rock and looked out at the ocean. AM commented that it had been a good month, I agreed and added that at the start I would have hoped it would be so, but would have had my doubts.

My weekend was spent with Chris, mostly talking about her summer and plans for graduate school. She admitted surprise at how much fun she had this summer as she dreaded the thought of being places where she hardly spoke the language. She found coping skills she didn’t know she had. We talked about her plans for grad school and she surprised me with the news that her top two choices were not in the mid-west. Taking the opening, I suggested that Paris had a several well-regarded fine art grad programs that she could consider. After all she already had a social network. She wasn’t quite ready to entertain that thought. Monday morning she flew home.

A long look in the mirror showed the results of a month of sun, sand and salt water could do to one’s complexion and hair, not to mention nails. So off to the salon I went, only to have Gregory exclaim why did I do these things to myself and make his job so hard. He’s so put upon.

The merry-go-round starts again next week with the press days at the Frankfurt Auto Show. I’ve heard nothing from my client as to whether they will renew our contract for next year. I doubt they will, but I made a formal request to begin discussions anyway.

It’s great to hear from CCG and learn that you’re doing well. Good luck in the job and in the romance.

In answer Peter M’s question on my preferences about men trimming their hair, I prefer men au natural, though I do find some men too hirsute and try not to hold that against them. If I’m looking for a partner who’s waxed and shaven, I’ll be hanging out among the lipstick lesbians rather than among the guys.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

So can we assume you heard from CCG, her romance is still on with that person she referred to in her final posts, she's given up escorting, found another job, and is doing well? And that we won't be expecting another post from her, ever? Ah...too bad. I was hoping she'd post her archives one last time, even if just for a short time.

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