Wednesday, September 19, 2007

When it became apparent that my auto industry client wouldn’t renew our agreement I really began seeking other business from this sector. I’ve found some and have a couple of new clients for next year, which will take the sting out of losing the one I have, but I really wanted a piece of business from one of the auto makers.

I’ve had appointments, usually with mid level managers, who discussed their needs, heard my pitch and told me they’d bring my info to their peers, its been frustrating, but I’ve kept at it. A rumor has been going around that one company may be shopping for a new agency, so began pressing to get an appointment with that executive. With out success.

On press day here in Frankfurt I was in our booth having been excluded from my client’s marketing meetings, another indication that we’ll not be renewed, when a gentleman stopped to speak with me, it was my target asking if I had time the following day for lunch. Yup.

We met for a couple of hours and had a good discussion, he wouldn’t confirm or deny the rumors and did say that have sufficient options if they choose to make a change. A polite way of telling me to get lost and I pointed this out to him. He smiled and said he wouldn’t put it that way, and that he and others were aware of me.

A great post here by College Call Girl. Her experience is different that mine, but this feels very right.

For a while I’ve felt that Belle de Jour has been phoning it in, but these (here & here) as well as a couple of other recent posts, indicate that perhaps she’s getting her edge back.

I noticed that Simply Alexa has Mercurial Girl on her sidebar; I need to return the favor when I update. And enjoy your retirement Alexa.

It’s also good to see Nichole posting again.



Blogger Nicole said...

Hey Kim,
Thanks for the shout-out. My sisters refused to send any more care packages for me unless I got back online so I didn't have any choice in the end!

11:19 AM  

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