Friday, October 19, 2007

Our meetings have been in the morning, leaving our afternoons free. After lunching with the prospect and their ad agency Wednesday, Mimi and I planned to return to the hotel and prepare for this mornings meeting. We got waylaid, at an interesting shop, we took a look around and she found a dress that she had seen during the summer in Paris that she loved, but was far too pricey, and here it was on the 40% off rack and she’d be paying in Euros, it was almost like they paid her to take the dress. After that we decided we had plenty of time to prepare and this was a time to shop.

The meeting went well. It will be a few weeks before anything is definite, but I feel pretty good, as does Mimi. We’ve worked with the agency before and one of the members of the client’s team worked for another Kim & Co client, so we have some credibility and relationships.

Tonight I’m back at Grace’s, babysitting Robby and watching the baseball game, while she and Robert have a night out. Unlike most of her friends, Grace has resisted having a full or even part time au pair or nanny. She does have someone who can take Robby on very short notice if need be, but she feels strongly that as long as she isn’t working, she should be caring for her child. She did comment that she finds it a bit disconcerting that she is often the only mother with her child at the park, but she’s getting use to that.

I’m seeing Mr. Hedge Fund tomorrow night.



Anonymous VJ said...

Grace is of course right, it's very strange indeed in some society circles. And I was wondering when Mr HF was going to make an appearance. He must have some time to contemplate too given the state of the market, but then again those guys never rest. There's always an angle somewhere to be exploited. I'm thinking about old time river boat gamblers here too. Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

7:45 AM  

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