Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wednesday and Thursday I have a series of meetings in NY with a potential client. Normally jetlag is manageable for me, but I came in Monday rather than take a chance. Mimi came in today; having two minds in these situations is an advantage. A couple of more would be better, but we don’t have them.

Last night I stayed at Grace’s as Robert is traveling. It gave us a chance to talk and for me to spoil Robby. He’s so cute. Tonight we’ll in a hotel a couple of blocks from where the meeting is. Finding a decent hotel in NY for less than $300 a night before taxes is hard, but paying in Euros takes some of the pain out of it.

I know some of you wait with baited breath for my comments on the coming seasons fashions and guys, you can stop reading here.

Balenciaga a


Balenciaga b

Balenciaga again. For business my dressing has been intentionally conservative, very timeless and stylish. But I've found that the conservativeness has begun seeping into my casual wear. I'm going to be stealing many ideas from Nicolas Ghesquière this season. This collection looks so fun to wear.

Chanel a


Chanel b

Chanel again.

Chanel c

Again, Chanel. No sequin hot pants this season. This collection is very conservative, almost boring. I do like the blue suit in the second panel, center and the black dress next to it.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors. Nice stylish clothing, you could rotate this for several seasons and look great every time you wore it.

Marc Jacobs b

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs a

More Marc.

Marc Jacobs c

At one time I was sure I would be a Marc Jacobs devotee, but then he began burying women under yards of cloth. Rachel purchased a dress that she looks wonderful in. Of course R is five-eleven. I tried the same dress in my size and I looked like a refugee from the Adam's Family.

But my Marc is back, I love this collection. The close to the body proportioning without being tight. The color, just the thing for a dreary Paris winter's day. Hats, I'm getting to like hats. To the point that I've realized they are like shoes in that you never have too many.

Narcisco Rodriguez a

Narcisco Rodriquez

Narcisco Rodriguez b

Narcisco Rodriquez. Pretty is never wrong.

Proenza Schoulder b

Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schoulder a

Proenza Schouler again. I think I'm going to buy a pea-coat.



Anonymous VJ said...

Yes, pea coats are in big time. We're seeing the over flow in the cut out bins. We can get you a genuine regulation one for cheap too. I tend towards the more conservative in fashion myself, and I like what I saw of Mark Jacobs. Goodness knows what they were doing to the make up of the Balenciaga gals. The reverse raccoon look. (Negative racooning? above the eyes especially).

Which constantly brings up another point. I don't find many of the models all that attractive. This has been the case for some years now. In point of fact you'd have to go back some years (decades?) to find one that I liked & could follow. (They're all since retired now). But all of them now, look too thin, too sullen, and too sallow in the faces. This is supposed to make women & men want to buy? My first impulse would be to shelter these kids and get them eating normally & off of whatever they were doing. Not a 'healthy' look, whatever it is that they call it now. But really, not very attractive to my taste. My tastes are much more prosaic, which is how I would up in TN & Atlanta. Thanks for the preview though! Enjoy the time with family. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

8:31 AM  
Blogger Robert said...

You are quite correct. Pretty is never wrong.

4:00 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

VJ, remember models are simply animated clothing hangers. If they are too pretty they'll distract you from the clothes.


3:34 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Point well taken Kim. But do they have to turn them into space aliens to prove the point? I know, I'm stuck on that old ethos of models being 'pretty' or at least 'good looking'. Cheers, 'VJ'

7:48 AM  

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