Monday, November 19, 2007

Anne Marie offered to pick me up at the airport Sunday evening. Friday my contractor called to say the job was complete, all the debris was removed and everything spic and span. Of course AM wanted to be at the unveiling, she laughed as I was shaking so much I couldn’t put the key in the lock.

It’s wonderful; it’s like a different apartment.

AM went and took a seat at the new breakfast counter as I walked into the kitchen. I began giggling and then crying as I looked out into my apartment. No longer would I have people over for dinner or a party and be locked away in the kitchen. I have everything I can cook and party to!

We will have Thanksgiving at my apartment.


One of the problems with long distance romances is that when you’re together its hard to have serious conversations about something the other has done or not done. If you have the conversation at the beginning there is a risk of spoiling the weekend and if you wait till the end, you may part on chilly terms.

I decided to approach Mr. HF regarding his booking me an airplane from a, thanks but you shouldn’t have approach. The conversation went well, but I’m not sure he got it.

A reader, Richard, suggests this Mylene Farmer video.



Blogger rp said...

She is hardly wearing enough to spend over 3 minutes singing about someone undressing her! :)

Seriously, she looks really good in that, especially considering that song was not a new release when I first learned it some 21 years ago while living in France.

9:14 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Yes, I was having the same sense of deja vu here that rp mentioned. Do share some pics of your new remodeling if you dare. It sounds all so scrumptious. On Mr. HF, I think that's a fine approach & would normally suffice, but I imagine the shock may not have worn off sufficiently. It'll be interesting to see how things progress. Cheers & Happy ThanksGiving Kim! 'VJ'

6:46 AM  

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