Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween. Anne Marie said it was a wonder I wasn’t arrested. It was a reprise of an old costume, but that was at a private party. But on Denise’s dare…

I’m staying at Dad and Juliette’s while the kitchen wall is being removed in my apartment. I stopped by yesterday and the place is sealed with plastic sheeting. I hope I don’t need to get anything. The contractor said it would take about three weeks, so it should be finished before Thanksgiving. I can’t understand why it will take that long, but what do I know.

The pugs are happy to have me staying at Dad’s, another person to take them for walks and to mooch food from. Tuesday night I was reading before bed and they had followed me up and were sleeping on their pillow (they have one in each room). I had begun to nod off so I turned out the light. As I slipped off to sleep I felt something land on the bed and then another. I turned on the light again and Abelard and Heloise looked at me as if to inquire why I disturbed them. I shooed them from the room.


A close friend of Amy’s has been here for a couple of months with her boyfriend. They spent August in Provence and the first part of the summer in Britain and Ireland. From here they plan to go to Morocco for a month and then Tunisia and Egypt maybe. They talk about South Africa and other countries in southern in eastern Africa. Their plan is to live for several weeks in all the (safe) regions of the globe, though in talking to her it all seems so vague.

I’d only met this woman once, maybe twice as she and Amy were friends and roommates as undergrads. She sought me out when they arrived in Paris and I’ve seen her several times since. I guess she’s in need of a connection beside her boyfriend. I’ve only met him once and only briefly as he was off somewhere. I wonder if she’s happy.

Amy has a problem with her friend and it is Amy’s problem and she owns it but…Amy in her own way can be a strident feminist, particularly in regard to economic issues and she firmly believes that the lives of women will be improved when a significant number of women are in positions of economic power and she feels that it is incumbent upon talented women to pursue careers that will lead them to positions of power. When she gets wound up she has a pretty good harangue about this and she chides me for not donning the armor to fight in the corporate world.

Her friend was a poster girl for what Amy believes is important, and she was a promotion away from becoming a vice president in her company. Then she kicked all away to follow her BF and his wanderlust.


When I returned to France, I promised myself that I wouldn’t lock myself away in a relationship-free tower as I’d done when the prior romance ended, and I haven’t. I’ve had a few dates, even second dates. I’ve thought about setting up a rating system like Belle, but thought better of it.

On Sunday, I asked Grace why she’s so intent on putting Mr. HF and me together. She told me she really likes him and feels he’s a nice guy who has integrity and strong values and in an aside said that those qualities were often lacking among many of the men she’s met. To her the fact that he’s successful is a bonus, but since he’ll someday marry someone, it may as well be her kid sister.

She was interested in what I felt about him and I told her that he was nice, but no fireworks were going off. Though that maybe a good thing as my most successful relationship started very slowly for me and it was his persistence that allowed me to recognized the gem. Then I lost him.



Anonymous VJ said...

No, he lost you Kim. Both of the last 2 as a matter of fact, from this perspective. Good to hear you're back at it. It's good to hear of Grace's assessment of Mr. HF. It's probably meaningful by time & experience will prove that out. As a class, I've not found them to be particularly attracive. But then again when I heard what the guys from LTCM were up to I thought they were nuts, even if they were well respected Nobelists. So go figure! Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

10:00 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

After reading Grace's view on Mr.HF, I really hope it'd work out. From what you've written about him, he's not a bad guy so I hope the sparks will fly soon. Take care. :)

3:17 AM  

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