Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Mylene Farmer

This autumn has seemed sunnier and dryer than in the past. We’ve had rain of course but most days seem to have some sun and have the weather has avoided repeated days of leaden skies, probably because of this my bout with seasonal affective disorder has been milder.

Gil Elvgren

Since returning to Paris I’ve used the Vélib’, the bicycle sharing service frequently. I like it, it’s convenient and cheap but it’s not without problems. One evening I used one to go to a concert and all the Vélib’ stalls were taken and I needed to travel a few blocks to find an open stall and after the concert there were no bikes available forcing me to take the Métro. This is a common complaint, but one that is difficult to do anything about. The Vélib’ is a great alternative to taking a taxi when the trains stop running at night and even during the business day when I may take a taxi or the Métro to an appointment and if it is a nice day I’ll take a bike back to the office or home

Harry Ekman
In the spring I bought my third bike since moving to Paris. The first was stolen and the second fell victim to a park-by-ear marauder. I now view bikes as disposable and no longer spend a lot of money on them with each new one being cheaper than the earlier one. As long as it has fenders, a rack with a basket on the front, I’m satisfied.



Anonymous VJ said...

OK so fenders, a rack & a basket? We Are talking about the 1950's & 60's here! Is this easy to find over there? It might be impossible over here. Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

7:18 AM  

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