Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pete asked about Mr. Hedge Fund, well I’m seeing him this weekend in Spain.

Everything is all set and then, over lunch today, I received a text from him saying that he knows about the strikes (PIA) and he’ll take care of it. I was having lunch with Chloe and showed her the message to which she commented, “Sarko will appreciate that.” A short while later I received a call from a charter company telling where and when to meet my plane and asked if those arrangements were satisfactory. I thanked them but canceled the flight and apologized for the confusion.

Sooner, rather than later there needs to be a discussion regarding boundaries and autonomy.


In my last post I meant also to mention that Compartments has reinvented her blog as a memoir in progress. Stop by.


I’ve been a bit of a slut recently, hmm, let’s revise that and remove the modifier.

“Is the Kim?” A younger woman’s voice with a Russian accent that I couldn’t place, “Yes, can I help you?” “This is Irena ____, we met in Amsterdam in the spring and before that in Nice.” As the pleasantries continued I wondered why she was calling. Finally she came to her point; she would be in Paris for a few days and wondered if I would be available for dinner. We agreed on an evening and that I would make reservations and let her know where.

When we hung up I leaned back in my chair and muttered, “Fuck.” Why was she contacting me? There are only a few people who can put the two halves of my life together and the others are people with whom I have some level of trust. While I don’t know if I should distrust Irena, it bothers me that she feigned not understanding any English when we first met, so I was paranoid.

I chose a small restaurant that I’ve wanted to try in the 19th on rue Rébéval. She had the crab and I the haddock, it was scrumptious. Our conversation started innocuously enough, the weather, followed by a bit about business. When your business is sex and porn, you develop all sorts of ways to talk about it in public without getting to the topic, thinking back on the conversation it was very odd. And of course left unmentioned was another reason she could be in Paris. As the wine flowed we began flirting. After desert I suggested a club and she was in agreement.

The taxi had hardly pulled away from the restaurant when I felt her hand on my knee. I looked at her she was biting her lower lip nervously, our gaze held and then we leaned toward the other and kissed, and then again. We redirected the driver to her hotel. In the warm, post coital repose, she whispered that when we met in Amsterdam she remembered my kiss from the yacht and wondered what it would be like to be with me when we weren’t acting.

I was still paranoid but multiple orgasms have a way of dulling suspicions.



Anonymous VJ said...

Well you've got to get there any way you can, right? But I was thinking about the prior post and something along the order of all the useless electronic smog we have to endure in the modern world, and most of the time, it's the people you actually meet & see personally who have the greatest impression on you & vise versa. And Ms I. proves that point much better than I could. Glad it was a pleasant repast.

And Mr. HF, oh my, I fear you may have just really lit him up. It's rare indeed to be stood up with a private plane waiting. It will probably intrigue him to no end.

But oh for the days when a single kiss was just so powerful & compelling, right? Thanks for the reminder! Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

6:08 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Some further thoughts. This on safety. Right about now Mr. HF is bound to be mystified, and guys like him don't take to mysteries well. They're always looking for an angle. So I fully expect Mr. HF to be open to hiring some sort of PI/ 'detective'/agency to possibly 'investigate' you a bit more. So you might want to be watchful of this possibility.

The other thought I had was about the Russian Ms. I. Recalling now that if you could find her readily via 'thumbs', she's in quite high demand & has plenty of bookings. This is doubly impressive given all the 'spare' Russian & other talent out there trying to do the same hustle. She may have a plan for escape, who knows? My sense it that it was a remarkable gambit for a tryst, and who knows what that may mean or lead to.

Back in the real world I was woken up yesterday by the phone call of an older 250LB+ black woman doc (social services etc.). She calls about once a month. It's probably why I read blogs for more delicious sounding excitement! Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

8:57 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

VJ, I'm not standing him up, he'd already booked me first class on a major airline, the only complication is getting to the airport, and father's step up willingly on those occasions. While I expect some delay it shouldn't be a major problem.

I'm putting the best face on Mr HF's intentions with the plane and chalking it up to his wanting to ensure that I join him.

I hadn't thought of his reaction, but you're right, he probably is wondering why.

I'm ahead of you regarding being investigated. That has already crossed my mind. It's way too soon for that to happen but I hope I see it coming when it does.


6:01 PM  

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