Thursday, November 29, 2007

Teen irony, being a few years removed gives one a greater appreciation both of the act and the actor.

A couple of times a week to escape I slip into a café or some public space where I can get internet access and work quietly for an hour or so and work. I turn off my phone or at least silence it and I don’t log in to email or IM. It’s quiet even if the space is active. I get a lot done.

Her skirt was what first caught my attention, full, to mid calf made of heavy cotton worn over leggings. The skirt was hand painted with flowers and vines with the odd paisley or other organic shape thrown in. Glitter was sprinkled among the color with the odd rhinestone for effect. I thought, “Is she mocking Christian Lacroix?”

A pretty blond, perhaps fifteen or sixteen she expressed a casual indifference of someone confident in her appearance and expecting attention. I admired that, and at her age. When she turned toward me I noticed the jacket worn over a low cut black jersey, the lace of her bra top peaking out. A common denim jacket with burgundy satin ribbons sewn along the hem, placket and cuffs, the collar was embroidered in gold, with epaulets on the shoulders. Faux Chanel or Lauren, I wondered?

But it was when she kneeled down to get something from her bag and I caught sight of the soles of her Doc’s painted deep red that I sputtered out loud, “Louboutin!” She looked up at me and smiled, success someone noticed.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, the teen set. With $700 shoes?! Or was it a knock off? Getting older merely confirms my strange preferences. The farmer's wife for me. Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

4:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

$700 /:cool mine

3:38 AM  

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