Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Friday evening I was at the airport waiting for my plane to board returning a few emails, I couldn’t wait to be in the air so I could pop a sleeping pill and doze off. Mr. Hedge Fund would be waiting for me and even though it would be late we’d probably stop for a drink on the way to his place. Saturday noonish we looked at each other and were honest, this wasn’t working for either of us. He’s a nice guy and I’d pimp him to a friend (there’ll be a line) but I’m not feeling it and neither was he.

After collecting my stuff and leaving I needed to figure out where to stay, Grace’s was an option, just after a homeless shelter, I needed time before talking with her. I thought about a luxury hotel, a massage plus the full buff and shine routine sounded good, but then I called Karen, she never denies a stray, so to Brooklyn I went. It was what I needed, girl talk, a chance to make her dinner and then out to some dive bars to go dancing.



Anonymous Pete from Cal said...

Sorry to hear it didn't work out Kim but I guess a lot of readers have figured that out from the beginning and I was just being hopeful. At least you gave it a chance to see if it'd work. But can't you even wait till after the holidays and after he give you some expensive gifts before you break it off? :P j/k

Is Zanzibar off then? :(

Have a Merry Christmas!!!

3:27 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Yep, I'm with Pete on this one. A throughly honorable exit, and saving MR HF many thousands for excess gifts. That he still probably would not miss, but that might entangle things a bit more than needed. It helps to start the new year with a fresh slate though, with no old business left to attend to. But "I’d pimp him to a friend" is a sterling recommendation, actually. Which is how you got there in the first place. One of these days he's going to have to pay someone to pin point exactly where he's coming up short too.

All my shopping's done. Now all I've got to do is wrap. Had some very good finds this year. But the shipping has been murder! Hope your Holiday's are enjoyable, wherever they are! Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

6:09 AM  

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