Monday, January 07, 2008

Friday evening was our final night in Miami as we were all heading home on Saturday. The plan was to have dinner then go out, but we never made it out the door as we were enjoying each others company too much. Rach suggested w\ watching a campy movie and that sounded like a good idea to the rest of us.

Rachel and Amy have become enamored with B-movies and soft-core porn from the 50s/60s so that is what we watched. What a hoot! The acting was bad and the plots thin, but it was such a giggle. Rachel pointed out that unlike the lesbian pulp novels from the period, films were aimed at a male audience (presumably wearing trench coats) and lesbian sex was an easy way to get two women naked. In response to my comment about how cool the clothes were, Rachel said most of these films were set in the era in which they were filmed and were often meant to depict a popular perception of how terminally hip people lived and continued on with a bunch more analysis.

Christine slyly asked Rachel if she spent a lot of time studying these films. Rach engaging her mouth before she realized that she was the recipient of a dig started to respond, stopped and turned a shade that Amy refers to as Rachel red.

Anne Marie and I plan to start a film festival at her apartment when we return home.



Anonymous VJ said...

Yes, good campy entertainment. Possibly better than anything else you were likely to run into in Miami. And yeah, start with the great Russ Meyer's stuff: [] and here:
[]. It was a wonderfully amusing period for all sorts of strange and delightful reasons. And yes, many a major movie actor/writer/director got their first work way back there too! Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

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