Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A lot is going on at Kim & Co.; first I’ve reorganized how we manage projects. In the past, Mimi had her own projects and supervised the projects of our contractors and I did the same but in addition handled all of the business development. Now Mimi will be doing all the project supervision while I’ll concentrate on business development and still takes some projects as it keeps me in touch with what client’s want. We’re looking for a new business coach; the incumbent is retiring. The timing on this is good, he’s been great but I think we can benefit from a fresh set of eyes. Lastly I’ve hired two more people.

Most of last year the employee’s of K&C were Mimi and me (can I have an A-440) with two fulltime contractors. In September I hired one of them, Gregoire and replaced the other with Brigitte and retained a second contractor, Bernard, both of whom I hired late last year. Having contractors gives you a lot of flexibility, but it can be expensive. Given the current size of Kim & Co. I feel that having one employee less than my booked business will require and making the difference up with contractors is a good way for us to go.

All was going swimmingly till just before Christmas, when a client called and cancelled all their activities for 2008. The reason has nothing to do with our performance, completely issues with them. In addition, we didn’t get a contract that we were finalist for so now I have a big hole to fill and I’ve lost my flexibility.

If the week wasn’t bad enough, one of the partners of the firm from which we are subletting our space, waltzed in and told me that we need to be out by 1, March and then he waltzed back out. I was furious and followed him back to his office and reminded him that while this notice was consistent with our lease, we had a verbal agreement, that he suggested, that we would keep each other abreast of changes so neither of us would be caught by surprise.

When I returned from NY, I met with his partner, who didn’t know of our eviction notice and he told me that he planned to meet with me in the New Year to let me know that they would need the space in the fall, and told me that while they were expanding in March, they have enough free space for those positions. Anyway we’re moving in June.

The intra-company lobbying as to where in the city has already started. Mimi likes this area as it is only two Metro stops from her apartment. Me, not so much as I come across town and need to transfer. Thursday will be spent with an agent looking at offices.



Anonymous Phantom Man said...

Kim, I hope things work out well in your business, and in your move. I hope you find a place that will bring you more customers, even if it is not as convenient for you.

7:35 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Well it sounds like lots of movement at least Kim. Lots of things are slowing down everywhere too, especially in promotions & PR, they're always the first to be cut back. Sorry about you're having to move out from your diggs. Location can be important. Strangely enough, it's usually comes down to being reasonably located for the principals of the firm, the CEO, CFO, Manager or 'Boss'. So make it convenient for you. It's one of those perks that's sort of expected! Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

3:25 AM  
Anonymous pete from Cal said...

With the wobbly economy, things can be tough for a while so hang in there. VJ is right, being the boss should have its perks so you decide what's convenient for you whether than try to appease other people. *shrug* Kim rules! :D

5:06 AM  

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