Friday, January 11, 2008

The other night I was lurking at High Dollar Hotties, one discussion was about Tracey Quan’s "Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl" being made into a cable series, this in addition to the US version of Belle’s book being getting it’s own series.

(BTW here’s a link is to six of the eight episodes of the UK Belle.)

I found this interesting. She’s commenting on Tracey Quan.
Well if they are truly basing it on that book it has nothing to do with the HDH world or the online escort. In the book the main charter has been a prostitute since she was 15 years old, and had a heavy coke addiction and is 200 to 300 an hour.”

I’ll spare you my if you fuck men for money, it doesn’t matter if he picked you up on a corner or you dined at Taillevent and he bed’s you at the Ritz, there’s a difference but you’re not different, rant. But I found this interesting.
“Also they do the old fashioned way of getting clients by buying and selling each others black books. And they cold call men.

I do know of a few girls that work this way and to me I can't fathom cold calling a gentleman.
Also in the book they look down on the online world as too much exposure. I see the opposite I tend to like hiding behind my computer to correspond with new gentlemen.”

Hiding behind a computer? Sorry, online privacy is an oxymoron and nowhere near as anonymous as getting the name of a man who uses prostitutes, from a prostitute, and then calling him? No digital footprints, IP addresses attached to emails, accounts set up with escort advertising websites, hosting services etc. Then you short circuit the competition, Eros alone has 140+ escort ads for London, 580 for Las Vegas, 645 for NY and 300 for Miami. Plus you may get the judgment of the girl you’re trading with if the guy is safe or crazy.

A confession, when Marie (my former manager/pimp) left the business she gave me names and contact information of men who had inquired about me, but whom I never dated. Not knowing who read their email, I called them. It took a while but eventually I contacted each of them and arranged dates with well over half. Often the date was set in the first call!

A website is a near necessity, but you can build your business with out advertising or at least doing as much advertising.



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Seems like a pretty basic business proposition to me too. Cheers, 'VJ'

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