Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The sisterly competition started on the second run of the day, Leah and I were skiing together as Anne Marie and David went off to check out the expert trails and expose David’s ego to serious damage, as she smoked him. Leah came off the chair first and when I slid to a stop beside her, she yelled race you to the bottom and took off. I caught up to her a lot faster than she expected, if she had given any thought that I might beat her, and after skiing side-by-side for hundred feet or so she went down in a cloud of snow and I kept going. As I waited at the bottom I began to think that I should have stopped to see if she was OK, but the Ski Patrol wasn’t scurrying about so I figured she was fine and she was.

Anne Marie and I arrived in Boston Christmas night and we spent Wednesday recovering from jet lag and getting a quick tour of the city. AM had never been to Boston and she fell in love with it, particularly Beacon Hill and the Back Bay, she wants to come back. That evening, we all traveled to the condo that David & Leah have rented with friends for the season.

Saturday we drove to Lake Placid, by the freeway it’s about a 4.5 hour drive but it took us about 11 hours, as we wanted to see as much of New Hampshire, Vermont and New York as we could so we took a lot of two lane roads and stopped in nearly every interesting town. After the third person commented that we must be from Montreal or Quebec, we stopped correcting them. The skiing in both NH and Lake Placid was great, except for the crowds, the snow was good and they had a lot of it and the temperatures were comfortable.

New Year’s Eve we spent in Lake Placid. We started the evening in a bar, sitting at a high-top commenting on the crowd. His buddy spotted us first and he nudged his friend and pointed in our direction. I didn’t say anything to AM, figuring I’d see how things developed. That morning AM rode up a chair lift with a guy who made a point of saying hello when ever he saw us during the day, including asking us to share their table during lunch. It was obvious that the guy was interested in AM and I was curious as to how she was going to react. As a rule, men don’t interest AM, but every now and then one gets under her skin and creates an itch she needs to scratch. I wondered if she was feeling itchy.

I’d lost track of them in the crowd as they didn’t come directly towards us and then they were at our table, having already tracked down our server to order another round of drinks. The wingman was good and with in a couple of seconds he’d isolated me and AM leaving his friend to flirt with her with out my distractions. The wingman really didn’t have a lot of interest in me, which was OK as I didn’t find him particularly interesting either, but we both knew the game and after a bit AM and the friend became our conversation.

After that round, they suggested another bar that would have a better party and AM and I retired to the Ladies to discuss the options. I let her know I had no primal needs requiring satisfaction and if she did, she needed to remember we had a flight to catch from Burlington in the morning. When we rejoined the guys, I was pretty sure that they had figured out that tonight wouldn’t be a lucky New Years’ but they could have good company.



Anonymous bluebeing said...

Dearest Kim, You don't have to dig out some old archives, I know your life is hectic. Thanks for offering.

4:58 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

All I can muster for excitement at the moment is some quick emergency cold weather fixes for all my outdoor water fixtures. Which means running the pool motor 24/7 to keep the pipes from freezing. No moguls here... Cheers & Good Luck in the New Year! 'VJ'

8:01 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

BB, I looked the other day and the post didn't turn up, but I'm frustrated and will find it. Unless of course Blogger ate it.


10:57 PM  

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