Sunday, February 03, 2008

It been a busy couple of weeks, Kim & Co business had me in Davos. Monday morning, one of the first people to enter our suite was Mr. Hedge Fund; he was interested in my client’s company and didn’t know of my relationship. He was gracious and with a new girlfriend, I was introduced as Robert’s sister-in-law. He then surprised me by asking if I had seen Robert and Grace, as they had arrived on Saturday, Robert being a fill in for someone in his company.

That Monday of course the markets were melting down and it was difficult to maintain a conversation with all the phone’s and PDA’ chirping away. To say it was a distraction for those of us who hoped for a few minutes with some financial emperor is an understatement.

Jacques invited me to join him on Tuesday at a dinner that was a tough ticket to get, Robert was jealous when he heard I was going. And then Jacques dumped me, leaving me to fend off a lecherous economist who kept sneaking peeks down the front of my dress. He’d never have done that when he paid me for my time, sheesh. Wednesday morning it was apparent that I wouldn’t find a pass for George Soro’s speech so I packed up and headed home.

Over the weekend I met Irena at an undisclosed location for 72 hours of libertine behavior. She’s an odd and very guarded person and I don’t fully trust her, but do I enjoy the time I’ve spent with her. Later I’ll write about an incident we witnessed.

Returning to Paris I came down with the flu, making last week a loss.

Pete from Cali will be disappointed to know that I passed on going to the Super Bowl again. Grace and Robert, and Leah and David are going and they asked me along. I figured it was to referee as G&R are Giant fans and L&D are rabid Patriot fans. I’m too busy right now and I’ve spent enough money this winter.



Anonymous Phantom Man said...

It's good to see you again, Kim. I hope you have recovered from your bout with the flu. I always look forward to your posts, and I look forward to your telling us about the incident that you and Irena witnessed -- and about your time with Irena. I'm not surprised that the economist found you so attractive that he couldn't keep his eyes off you. I hope you feel proud of yourself, rather than upset with him. Be happy, Kim.

9:09 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Most economists are lecherous it goes with the territory. But Davos is quite the score & you're swimming with all the big fish & high flyer's indeed. I just knew Mr. HF would find a suitable companion. Wave enough money around and plenty of people get interested fast. Hope you shake that Euro-Flu, it's been going around! Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

4:14 AM  
Anonymous Pete from Cal said...

Yes, I'm disappointed that you'd give up going to the Superbowl but we'll call it even since you went to the WEF and absorbed all that economic knowledge. It must be pretty boring huh? Funny you mentioned about that lecherous economist, was he following you like a lust struck puppy? Did he succeed in getting at least a peek? j/k VJ's economist comment cracks me up too... :D

I'm gald Mr.HedgeFund was gracious and does Kim approve of his new love interest? So good to hear Jacques name; do let him know he is missed in Kim's blog. Can't wait to hear more about Irena.

As someone who had just recovered from the flu, hope you feel better soon. :)

5:02 AM  

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