Monday, February 25, 2008

Kim & Company will have a new home when our lease expires later this year. The space is a bit larger than what we have, but some of it will need to be a conference room, which we borrow here. It will also be more expensive, not so much because the rent is higher, but there are a number of costs that are buried in the existing agreement that will be billed separately, like furniture.

A space, within walking distance of my apartment, tempted me. In many ways it was the best place I viewed, but I felt it would make my world too small and would prove to be difficult maintain boundaries between my work and personal life. The place we’ve taken is near the Metro station where I currently transfer in a older building with quite a bit of character. Later in the week I’ll meet with an architect and a builder about our needs.


Fashion week is here and we’re a madhouse, actually last week was the madhouse, this week we’re praying and executing. In a lull last week, several of us retired to an apartment to eat, drink and bitch. The Devil Wears Prada was slipped into the player, nothing like images of Anna, I mean Miranda, to prepare us for the coming week. I’ve seen the movie a couple of times so I paid most of my attention to the clothes and background activities. When it was over a business friend, who is my pick to be a fashion heavy weight, commented “This movie would be better and make more sense if Andrea accepted that to achieve her career goals, she will go over to the dark side.” She was right, I always thought the last ten minutes were an afterthought to wrap up loose ends; perhaps a change ending due to poor reviews of the original at the previews.

Someone objected and Marcella replied, “It doesn’t matter, if she’s in fashion, journalism or any business, if she wants to reach the top of her profession, she’ll crush more than one person on the way.” As she was saying that she was looking at me smiling. I returned the smile and added, “If you crush someone nicely, often will excuse you. Just as long as you don’t kick them as well.” “Is kicking the crushed how one gets called a castrating bitch? Marcella asked. “Yes,” I replied, “some times they deserve it and you can really enjoy it. Besides when they’re calling you names that means it’s over, game, set, match.”



Anonymous VJ said...

Interesting perspective on the site selection deal Kim. I think we chose the same way for about similar reasons, though the location was also determined by the fact that the labor pool is more conveniently located in the city. Still it's a ~45min commute in clean traffic.

On the 'castrating bitch' front revenge is always a huge motivating force for some, so it pays to be very cautious about where, when & how the kicks are placed & on whom. Rare is the person who has reached the top of any profession and who has not crushed a few rivals along the way. If they're at all successful, they're then long & fondly remembered for their humanity. But sometimes that's not always enough to pay the bills. Integrity is something that's always a personal choice as regards to how much to give in to our inhumanity in order to satisfy our immediate or long term desires. Is it worth to destroy someone/many people over the price of a new heliport for your mansion? To acquire a business rival? All too many would not give it a 2nd thought. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

10:10 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Revenge is one one of the times that a well placed Jimmy Choo is justified and the kick should be simply business and not personal.

4:07 PM  
Anonymous thomas said...


I enjoy reding your blog, but have to admit that I was a bit taken back by your attitude on what it takes to succeed in business.

Like you, I am an entrepreneur in a very competitive field (hedge funds in my case) that is filled with all sorts of people who will screw someone over in a second to get ahead. While that modus operandi can certainly work and be very lucrative, it has been my experience that sooner or later karma rolls around.

While I might not make as much money or reach as high lofty a social position, I would much rather be respected for my integrity and enjoy a close group of friends, family and business colleagues of similar ilk, than be a rich Montgomery Burns-esque mogul sitting alone in my mansion who everyone thinks is a scumbag.

Sure it's easy for the Steve Schwartzman's of the world to get the so-called elite of New York society to attend extravagant multimillion dollar ego-stroking birthday parties when times are good because people are hoping to have some of the largess thrown their way, but how many of those people will be around for him when times get tough (and they will at some point as they do for everyone)? Will anyone go out of their way to help him though let's say a cancer treatment, a bad business deal, or a child's death? And long after he is gone, will anyone remember him for being anything but a rich jackass?

In addition, who said that not screwing people over is a hinderance in the business world? Last time I checked, a universally revered fellow for his integrity by the name of Warren Buffet stands atop Forbes' richest people in the world list.

6:48 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

I won't go into any detail, but in the situation that I've alluded to, the events the which ended with figurative, well placed Jimmy Choo, were incited by my competitor.

Regarding the reputation of my company and its people I'm like a mama bear protecting her cubs.

Regarding business in general, if you fight hard and fair, you'll win some and you'll lose some and not much will be said bad about you.

8:10 PM  

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