11 March 2008

Bitch is the new black.

I’m in a business class hotel off a New Jersey highway catching up on email and preparing for tomorrows meeting, while watching cable coverage of the Sptzer sex scandal and occasionally beaming out to read the comments of women political bloggers. A few things that I’ve noted.

The bloggers aren’t confused as to why he’d consort with a prostitute but they’re stunned about the idea of $5,500 an hour for sex. Typical comment, is the sex that good? One writer got it, it’s about money, Spitzer can afford $4,300 an hour.

The second thing that came to mind is that Kristen is newish to the business. I saw a post of part of the transcript of her conversation with the dispatcher after he left, she said a couple of times “I know my job”. Also while she felt the call went well and he was a decent client, he pressured her for sexual acts that left her uncomfortable. My guess, unprotected sex and quite likely unprotected anal.

Lastly, why do owners of these high profile agencies run them in the US? There are many countries, several in the Caribbean, where running an agency is legal or at least tolerated and the banking system is compliant. There is no guarantee that the Feds won’t get you but the chance is much smaller.

I hope the authorities leave the women alone.

Over Christmas my brother announced that he was taking a job that would have them leave the Washington area. When our mother broke up the house she couldn’t bear to simply toss out all the accumulated junk and implored Kenny to take it to his house. Being the dutiful son, he did. Leah suggested that the next time I was in the US that we, and Grace help Kenny sort through the boxes.

We did that last weekend and while there was little to save, there was a huge pile of memories unleashed. Kenny came across his baseball card collection as well as a couple of others that he was sharing with his son before we left. The girls now have a box of Barbie fashions from the 70s/80s that they aren’t sure about. We also found the Mom annotated copy of Our Bodies, Our Selves. Kenny didn’t get why we thought this was important and a keeper, but the three of us had each come to the conclusion that Mom made those notes with us in mind and purposely left the book someplace where we could circumspectively borrow it.



Anonymous VJ said...

Yep, this drove me nuts for the last few days of travel. 1.) I don't give a damn what Spitzer was doing with his pecker, No One should be persecuted in that way. Somehow Sen. David Vitter was able to escape such scrutiny, and Not have the type of questions being asked about him in the media spotlight. Ditto for McCain's adulterous trysts with his lobbyist honey(s). The media 'respected his & her privacy' and simply Never asked for an interview from Her to get Her version of the story. As it was we Know he was caught in several obvious lies about even the public part of that relationship, and the Media was well aware of that.

But no questions asked about a DoJ investigation of a sitting Gov. for something silly like prostitution. Like Really? How did that get started? This is worth our investigative time? Not the terror suspects around the world? Just a Dem Gov you've hated & dearly wanted to 'dispose of' forever. Like Clinton before him, Spitzer was done dirty by a throughly corrupted & politicized Justice Dept, and this is an outrageous invasion of Anyone's privacy. If the Feds can just 'peek' into Everyone's banking transactions 'just to see what might be going on', we've reached a Police State of official state surveillance. So he used 1000's of $ to pay for a personal extravagance. So what? Not unlike Arnold's fleet of gas guzzling Hummer's or Cuban cigars, right? Or the rank corruption, mendacity, continents of official lies and trillions of stolen tax dollars that pervade everything that BushCo does on a daily basis.

I can't tell you how PO'd I get listening to all the useless damn pontification about it all too. Cheap 'psychological profiles' abound. Ditto for the putative deeply bogus 'Federal charges' under the misbegotten 1910! Mann Act. It's application has Always been deeply political, being used to prosecute the enemies of the state for often just loving people that the state had prohibited them from doing. Boxer Jack Johnson was one of the first, and his crime was simply loving a white woman.

But just damn amazing. No one's asking the real obvious questions here. Why did the DoJ start the investigation, and why did it continue, and who gave it sanction to do so? You'll find yet another Rethuglican hit job just uncovering that 'back story', but as always, the Bush & Drudges dictate the news we get, so no one asks for the story behind the story. Yeah we've got a morally fallible guy who happens to be in high government. At least his moral failings are not Still killing people daily, right? Nor costing the public 10's of Billions of dollars to do so a month. Seems pretty normal to me. I thought better of the man the minute I heard of it. Damn, he's not the stuck up prig he plays on TV.

I think he should wait out the press throng and dare the Feds to indict him. And Not Sen. David Vitter or the 100's of other hypocrites in Congress & the various state leg's on this and other 'moral issues'. Geez the entire press corps prove their hopeless assclowns once again!

And yes, that's the shorter version more or less! Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

8:19 AM  
Anonymous phantom man said...

I was hoping you would comment on the Spitzer situation, Kim. I hated it when he went after prostitution (for purely political grandstanding purposes), and now he is getting his come uppance. I think prostitution should be legal, and the government should stay out of it. All the best, Kim. I'm glad you enjoyed your mom's leaving the book for you.

12:02 AM  
Blogger LovelyLiz said...

I agree with VJ and Phantom, but let me say this: Spitzer makes it a point to prosecute white collar crimes and prostitution, yet he gets busted for the same thing. Didn't he learn from all the previous indictments? McCain and Clinton never had any trace of a transaction of goods. Dummy accounts and making calls from the office are evidence. Idiot.

2:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got to agree with Lovely Liz--what a dope! This guy built a career "following the money trail" to win cases as a prosecuter. It boggles the mind how he could have been so dumb and so sloppy.

12:33 AM  

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