Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Monday morning I rousted the grocer’s son out of bed and sent him home, I needed to get to the office, if the nausea would pass. Returning from the airport I had texted him and let him know I was home, Sunday afternoon he called and asked to see me, he said he missed me. How could I resist? We had dinner in the neighborhood and came back to my place and made love. He’s improving; the boy will be a good lover when I’m through with him.

He asked if he could stay the night, I let him. I wasn’t the one who would face his mother in the morning. She looks the other way when she sees me on the street; I’m stealing her baby. I’d call him the boy, but that’s too close to the truth as he just turned nineteen, so he’ll be the grocer’s son.

The nausea started last week and I’ve had several bouts of it. Often I have some nausea with jet lag so hopefully it’s that. However I’m wondering, but it can’t be, but all those stories of adulterated drugs from China though, I wonder… I also wonder how he’ll feel about being a father. If I’m pregnant it will be inconvenient, but what unplanned pregnancy is convenient? What it will mean though is that I’ll need to dial back my plans for Kim & Co. There won’t be enough hours in the week for everything. But I’ll know soon how much to worry, as my period is due Saturday and I’m seldom off more than a day.

It was an impulsive decision to seduce the grocer’s son, but I did have a couple of hours for me to spin my web, which I entangled him in when he came to deliver my order. His nervousness when I, well, trapped him in the kitchen, having asked him to put my groceries away, the nervousness in his voice as he tried to carry on a conversation and the noticeable bulge in his pants. Those made me smile and I slipped behind him, pressing lightly against his back. I whispered nothings to him and lightly kissed the nape of his neck and I felt him shudder. But he didn’t run and I led him to the bedroom.

The following morning a meeting kept me from going directly to the office, when I arrived there was a bouquet of roses on my desk and a questioning Mimi at my door. The next day he called and asked me to dinner, I made him (and me) wait a week.

A friend saw us leaving my apartment for dinner that evening and texted “Cougar”, and a smiley.

He asked where I wanted to go and I told him and he flinched. later, as we looked at the menu I asked him what he was having and said an appetizer, as he wasn’t hungry. I looked at him and placed my hand atop his and told him dinner was on me and that I knew what it was like to be on a budget. He protested briefly and proceeded to scour the menu before eating heartily.

If I insisted that he pay we’d be condemned to eating at



Anonymous VJ said...

What a perfectly delightful vignette Kim. Loved the 'rousting' bit too. And an unusual seduction scene that's probably not been seen since the older porn movies of the 70's & 80's. Here's hoping all the pills are working properly though. His momma would probably haunt you otherwise! Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

10:54 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

As VJ puts it... very delightful read indeed Kim. And I'm happy to hear about this distraction in your life. I can even imagine a smirk on your face as you write it. :) How does it feel to be the one in control and more experienced? Very titillating scene you described for us when you seduced him. :) He's also a smart guy to buy you roses the next morning. A smart find on your part! :D

I certainly hope your nausea is nothing more than exhaustion instead of possible pregnancy; I guess nothing is fail proofed. Enjoy the relationship and have fun. I'm just glad he brings a smile and hops into your steps.

6:12 AM  
Anonymous Phantom Man said...

You have such a wonderful way of making me smile. I especially love the part about his being a wonderful lover when you finish teaching him. I remember being taught by an older woman, and you bring back happy memories. I am also smiling at the thought that you might have let him get you pregnant -- a very erotic fantasy for any man. I do hope you are having fun with him, and I look forward to continuing episodes.

I thought of you today when I read this. I hope Paris continues to "bring you", Kim, and "down". :)

5:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


- AthenaNY

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