Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Christine had a few friends over Sunday afternoon and we had the TV on in the background tuned to the Indy 500, mostly to keep tabs on Danica and Sarah Fisher. But with both of them out, our attention was shifting. I glanced at the TV; there was a split screen a commercial and Danica walking purposefully. As I realized what was happening someone exclaimed, “She’s going to scratch his eyes out!” With that we all began cheering her on.

Danica has been high on the list of people with whom I’d like to have an extended conversation, but now I’ve added Sarah. I want to understand what drives them, why they are so determined to excel in an environment where they are unwanted. Also I want to measure myself against them. Perhaps someday.


Christine’s graduation was a family celebration, I met her siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, it really was her day and she enjoyed every minute of it. Chris has a fifteen year-old niece who worships her and who is going through a period of self-hate and poor self-esteem. The girl’s mother asked Chris if she could talk with the girl and spend some time with her, perhaps take her shopping and generally pump her up.

When I arrived C told me we’d be playing Pygmalion, so at the cookout I took the opportunity to speak with her and look her over. There was nothing about her that some growing up and learning what looks flattered her and losing some weight wouldn’t fix. By the time we returned to C’s place we had a plan and in the morning I called the salon where I had my hair done when I lived here.

We picked her up early Saturday, far too early for a teen and by eight-thirty Ricky was doing his evaluation. Ricky is a drama queen and over the top effeminate, but he has a way of telling women what’s wrong with their appearance and what he’s going to do to fix them, all in a manner the is humorous and non-threatening, he playfully ripped me for my “Anna” bangs, I look like a sheep dog he said.

Margie stood before him fidgeting as Ricky looked her over, finally he asked her if she wanted to be pretty, she said yes, and he told she he would make her so. She flinched though when he told her he was going to cut her hair to just below her chin. Margie like her mother, has long blond hair, but unlike her mother’s Margie’s is thin and flat so a haircut was in order. She closed her eyes as he began cutting. When he was finished she was very cute. Then she had her nails done and spent some time with a make-up consultant learning what went best with her coloring and how not to trowel make up on, a problem she has. Ricky’s last suggestion when he learned about our shopping plans was to feature her décolletage as she has great breasts. Margie turned beet red, but was also pleased.

Then it was down the street for some clothes. Her mom had pretty much given Chris a blank check (it’s been a good year on the farm) and we intended on spending it. While she tried things on Chris and I selected them, explaining the difference between fashion and style, and what looked good on her and why. She was a sponge and if she had a doubt, saying “You see this all the time in Paris,” resolved it. When we left the store she wore a cute dress that she bought with a new pair of sandals, her old clothes went into a bag that I promptly lost.

Chris and I decided we wouldn’t discuss her weight unless she brought it up and she did when we sat down for lunch. Margie is a tall girl and I guess she could lose thirty pounds and not be skinny. While some of the weight is still baby fat, it was not surprising Chris’ questions about what she ate and when revealed that she binge ate when depressed or anxious on top of a typical crappy teenagers diet.

The service was slow, which was fine as we had a chance to talk, when our server finally came C and I ordered salads and Margie a double cheeseburger and fries. When the server left, she looked at us and said, “Should I’ve gotten a salad?” This gave me a chance to talk about portion size and how it’s not about what but how much, she only ate half the meal but kept eyeing it till the server cleared the table.

After lunch we hit a few more stores including Target, since there is one near Margie’s home. When we dropped her at her Grandmother’s, her parents were pleased; her dad joked about our losing his little girl. Family is easy to impress, her challenge started today when she went back to school.



Anonymous VJ said...

Explaining portion (meal) size to a teenage Midwesterner. You might as well have a stab at trying to explain out Quantum Dynamics for her too, right? Well at least the clothes were a good start. Let's hope she's not more yo-yo on the weight the next time you hear from her. But the 'do you want to be pretty' is an easy question for most teens. My wife would have laughed at him. 'Just cut the damn hair', would have been her likely response, then as now probably!

Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

9:49 AM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Good karma to you Kim for playing fairy godmother with Chris on her niece. High school can be tough so I hope the makeover and a disciplined diet can turn it around. Glad you made Christine's graduation; so were you able to mix pleasure with business to make your trip to the State worth it?

12:21 AM  

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