Wednesday, May 14, 2008

For a while I’ve been meaning to mention other English language blogs of Paris based writers, but this post made me burst out laughing, mostly in sympathy, as my early days in Paris often left those who I had conversations with wondering what the hell I was saying.

If you are interested a nice sampling of Parisian bloggers can be found at the a group blog called, The Paris Blog.

Visit ParisDailyPhoto for the story behind this picture.

Anne Marie, Chole and a friend, Marlene have become interested in burlesque. But they’re shy and can’t quite make it to the just G-string and tassels. They claim that they’re afraid someone they work with will see them (not unreasonable), so we’ve dared them to take their show on the road and go to a club in another city. They’re considering that. My though is that while they think themselves as…

They’re really…



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