Saturday, May 31, 2008

It was my first time in Houston since my mother’s death, I expected it to be emotional but I wasn’t prepared for the when. The route to one of our appointments took us pass the building where my mother lived. It showed on my face and my agent, who was driving, asked what was the matter. I asked her to find a place to stop as we had plenty of time. I told her, this was all new to her, she listened and I pulled myself together.

Prior to coming I debated whether to contact and arrange to see my mother’s gentleman friend. In the end I decided to. Bob was a decent sort and cared greatly for mom and was good to and for her. He now lives in an assisted living and is slowly dying of a cancer that was diagnosed a year after mom’s death.

I didn’t stay long, maybe an hour, as beyond Mom there wasn’t much to talk about. He talked about how he missed her and how much she meant to his life. I let him know that her family appreciated what he meant to her in life and I could tell that was meaningful for him. We both attained some closure, which was something I didn’t expect.


In the morning I start home. I’ve planned a long layover in DC so that I can see Grampy. I expect that he’ll be sitting in the lobby when I arrive wearing a summer suit and a bow tie with his straw hat resting on his cane. He tells me that he always dresses up for the pretty girls, the charmer. We’ll talk about business, he’ll want to know the latest about Kim & Co, how our move is coming and what I’m hoping to accomplish in the next few months. I want to him to talk about he and Grammy’s early years, before they started having children. I’ve finally read and organized all her diaries and now I have a ton of questions for him.



Anonymous VJ said...

Sounds like a concentrated series of important visits Kim. It's important to get as much as you comfortably can from Gramps. Organizing the diaries was a labor of love, and it'll help him with his memories as well. No one person can tell all the tales needed to tell about family. Me, I wear a straw Panama Hat whenever it's summer or I'm expected to be out in the sun for long. Your granddad always sounds like a classy man indeed. Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

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