Thursday, May 22, 2008

There was no way that I would miss Christine’s graduation, but being able to wrap that date with some business is a benefit.

I spent the summer before my senior year in Atlanta on an internship. The apartment I stayed at was only a couple of miles from the office, if figured I could get by with a bike. Wrong, after a couple of weeks of sheer terror negotiating the streets, I borrowed a car from my grandparents. “Take the convertible,” he said, giving the keys to a Mercedes. Great, I thought, now I’ll look like the trophy wives who keep trying to run me off the road.

I liked the company I worked at and the people, but I hated Atlanta and was so happy leave. All those memories flooded back as I drove out the gate of the rental car garage (where I also discovered that my US driver’s license is about to expire). The GPS thingie got me to the hotel and to my appointments so I didn’t get lost but it didn’t keep me from having white knuckles. Give me Paris traffic anytime. I kept thinking as I drove around, do people really like living here?

The meetings have been promising and my maternal grandparents came down to see me and we had dinner. I arrived at the restaurant before they did, one of those steak places men like where the servings are measured in tons, a granddad favorite, and arranged with the maître d’ to have the check brought to me, much to granddad’s chagrin, and grandma’s amusement. I do need to find a few day and visit them at the beach, maybe next trip.



Anonymous VJ said...

I tell people the most death defying thing any one of us do on a regular basis is driving on the Atlanta Freeways. I regularly get tailgated going down I-75 into Cobb Co. doing 90MPH. I've got several older friends who simply refuse to drive on the interstates, they're that scared of them. And now we'll all be going back to driving smaller cars too!

Good to see you had a fun time visiting. Is Christine still looking to go to Grad school in Paris?

And the only people still walking or biking in Atlanta are either the bravest of fools or the immigrant crowds. And we kill plenty of both down here every year with the crazy car & truck traffic. I think we're just about the most dangerous Metro region in the nation for such traffic fatalities. A fine distinction but we also share the distinction of the Longest commutes too! Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

8:54 AM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Really? Didn't know Atlanta has that dubious distinction. And I thought NY or LA traffic is bad.

So, your driver's license expiring soon can only mean your birthday is coming up soon as well. An early happy birthday wish to you Kim in case I miss it. :)

Very sweet of your grandparents to come down to meet you at Atlanta. Funny that you took care of the check before your granddad can get his hands on it. I can only imagine his expression. :)

Take care!

10:46 PM  

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