Thursday, July 10, 2008

Armada 2008 has been a wet event and not due to spray breaking over bows. The weather has been positively autumn-like and the summer vacation period has not started!

Christine, our intrepid, midwestern waif, has gathered her resolve and will strike out on her own for the holiday weekend rather than join Anne Marie and me here in Rouen. She is heading to Provence with a woman she met at her internship and several of her girl friends. I feel like a mother bird that just pushed my chick out of the nest. Watching Chris’ adjustment, reminds me of how difficult it is to adapt to a different culture and way of living and how tiring it is if you don’t have mastery of the language. Even when its not an open ended move, but a couple of months as in Chris’ case. Vacations are normally short and you can defer making an adjustment till the need passes, a longer stay does require you make adjustments and learn to cope. That can be hard.

The week has been hectic with the weather forcing us to re-shuffle some activities. Personally the unflappable, in control of everything persona melts when I enter my room and close the door and collapse into a quivering mess till the stress passes. I’ll be glad when tomorrow ends and so will my staff.

A little Doris for your viewing pleasure.



Anonymous Phantom man said...

Kim, you need a long massage from the right man to help you with your stress.

2:49 AM  

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