Thursday, July 24, 2008

The presidential campaign is something I’ve not spent much time considering, what is happening at the National Assembly and the Elysee Palace being more pertinent. I’m familiar with McCain of course, but Obama is a mystery.

If the French or Europeans in general could select the next American president, it would be Obama. Much of this is a reaction to Bush and the expectation that Obama will up end recent US policies. They’ll be disappointed of course; an American president will look out for America’s interests and reflect the limitations of American public opinion.

It is too bad that he will not have a public appearance in France, I would like to see him; Christine has and says he is dynamic. We watched the speech this evening from Berlin and he is impressive. The crowd was hard to believe, around 200,000 is an estimate. I’m hoping they announce a public appearance here tomorrow.

Paris is having some of the best weather since I’ve lived here, just in time for the Paris Plage opening. Chris thought we were joking about the Plage, but she’s been there at least twice, that she’ll admit.



Anonymous VJ said...

I saw Obama when he was last in Ga. He's truly an amazing speaker. Very dynamic & poised and does not need that damned teleprompter. He reads from notes. But they've got a full fledged campaign staff covering Ga. 'like the dew', with 200+ now in state. many of them Paid positions too, which is nothing short of astonishing. So with McCain you get Mcsame. More wars, less Jobs: []. Obama's not the messiah, but he's a damn slight better than most politicians I've seen. Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

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