Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A side benefit of living with someone is that they may be there to greet you when you return home, even if they’re asleep on the couch and if you’ve been gone an extended time, the houseplants are healthy. It was late Monday when I got back and Chris tried waiting for me but couldn’t. She told me she had she had a good time and wanted to tell me about it but she also wanted to go to bed.

Knowing that I’d need a car in Rouen, I brought Waldo, so Anne Marie and I didn’t have to negotiate the train, which would be crowded only the highways, which were as bad also. We thought it would be smart and not stay around for the tall ships parade, but many others had the same idea. Driving gave AM and I a chance to talk about running into Dmitri, I hadn’t been ready to earlier and the long drive was a good opportunity. She reminded me that in the weeks (months) after we broke up that I kept telling her that all I wanted was a chance to see him once more and to talk even if it were brief, and that maybe this is the meeting I wanted. ??



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