Monday, July 07, 2008

When you spend a lot of time with someone you pick up the rhythms of their behaviors, and so it is with Chris and me. When working at home on a project that needs to be completed I pretty much block out everything and everyone around me, but when that’s finished I may continue working but a change occurs that she notices.

The other evening we each involved in our own project, C on the couch with a sketch pad and me at my desk, when I finished my project I began reading and replying to emails and as if on cue C came over behind me. I could see her reflection of her torso in the window wearing her normal lounging wear of panties and a t-shirt. She rubbed my shoulders, “You’re tense”, she commented. I didn’t respond but lolled my head back like a dog whose ears are being scratched. “Would you like a massage,” she asked? I quickly shook my head affirmatively.

She brought out the oils and some candles while I grabbed a large towel to spread on the floor and the lights were dimmed. She began at my shoulders and slowly worked her way down, teasing my labia as she worked my inner thighs. She had me roll over and worked up from my feet and after finishing at my temples; she spread my legs and began by kissing each thigh. I was ripe and the flicking of her tongue in my clit a pulling at with her lips, coupled with the probing by her fingers promptly set me off in sustained orgasm, then she let me down and brought me back and when she was finished I was as limp as a wet dish rag. I slept well that night.



Anonymous VJ said...

Of course we're all more than a little bit jealous upon hearing this. We could all due with such & more regular relaxation routines! Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

5:46 AM  

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