Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chris is packing, she leaves mid morning. I'm posting this early and then we'll have a drink and talk in person for the last time for a while. Thinking about Mom, this is the anniversary of he death.

I may have posted this quote before.

[Suicide] ''…a closed world with its own irresistible logic. ... Once a man decides to take his own life he enters a shut-off, impregnable but wholly convincing world where every detail fits and each incidence reinforces his decision.'' A. Alvarez, The Savage God

Mom, I think of you every day.



Anonymous VJ said...

Always a complex of emotions. But a closed world it is, and the logic remains it's own secret.

Hopefully seeing Chris off was more bitter sweet and not evocative of the sorry of memory. Cheers & Brighter moments to you Kim, 'VJ'

6:03 AM  

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