Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It was odd coming home Monday evening and not having Christine here. She usually arrived home before me and on Mondays would stop and pick up something for dinner. When I arrived, we’d prepare it and then talk about our day and the upcoming week over dinner. After she’d clean up and I’d sit at the counter with a cup of coffee and we’d talk some more. I’m missing her companionship.

With many out of town, I’m getting a quiet evening and finally took the time to clean up my sidebar. I know there are several dead links and bloggers who felt it was time to quit or migrated to new blogs. Two that I know I’ll miss are Mandy at How About Now and Chelsea Girl at Pretty Dumb Things. Typically if a blog has been silent for six months or so I’ll delete it, but there are some whose archives are worth keeping so I will.

Tomorrow I’ll return to the beach, the coming weekend should be exciting as we’re having an unplanned reunion of the six, the group of six women, all strangers in Paris who found and supported each other in making this city our home. The composition has changed as one or two left and others took their place, initially we were Anne Marie, Chloe, Carole, Janna, Nathalie and I. Janna, my first roommate in Paris, returned to Poland to help with mother with her ailing father, plus her reason for being here didn’t work out. Elyse and I became roommates and she joined our merry band along with Judith. As time past some have left to pursue jobs or new lives, Elyse to the US with a handsome husband, Mike, and Carole with Tomas to Marseille, to be near their families as they began to start their own.

A little coincidence got us together; C&T planned this weekend to visit. Elyse has been with her family part of the summer showing off their new baby (I don’t think I’ve mentioned that) and Mike came over for a couple of weeks to join them and they got in touch about getting together on their way home. A shout went out to Janna who could make it and will be joined by her partner. I’m looking forward to it.



Anonymous VJ said...

Sounds like Fun Kim & good to hear from the cast of characters again. I had no idea Chelsea Girl was off line, but despite being a terrific writer, I did not check in on a regular basis. Cheers & Have a fun vacation. (Some one should, right?) 'VJ'

3:57 AM  

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